First LD Questions

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First LD Questions

Postby Psychosanity » 21 Sep 2012 23:36

Ok, I have finally had my first semi-lucid dream, and I have some comments and questions. The dream is posted here:

I never knew what people meant by semi-lucid before, but now I know exactly what they mean.

If "lucid" simply means "aware I'm dreaming" then I was lucid almost the whole time (but not quite).
If it means "clear-headed and fully 'conscious' while dreaming"...then I almost never was. While aware I was dreaming most of the time, I was far from clear headed...muddled, fuzzy thinking...sometimes doing things without intention, as if I was still partially under the control of the dream/my SC. At one point, I had a thought that was both lucid and non-lucid simultaneously. "I've got to get out of here before I get caught in their apartment, I'll just jump out the window and float down to the street". If I was truly lucid, I would not have been worried about getting "caught" in "someone else's" apartment...but if I wasn't lucid, I would not have jumped out that window, confident I would not get hurt. (It was very high!). Odd.

Seems like this is sort of common, judging from similar posts by others, and my assumption is that the fact it was all new to me, and I am inexperienced at experiencing this experience (lol), me and my SC just didn't yet have the skills or whatever to get me there all the way. Please share your thoughts on that evaluation.

I am not worried about not being able to control things (like that damn badger!), but I certainly want to be more lucid than I was. One question is: is an experienced lucid dreamer more or less FULLY conscious in their dream? Or is the fuzzy, dreamlike quality to one's thinking/perception always present?

I thought I had a ton of questions, but I guess just those two red ones. Now I must do some looking around for tips on gaining more lucidity/"grounding" myself in the dream. I know I've seen lots of threads here and articles on the main site about this. Feel free to post your advice on this subject, too. Thanks in advance.

I'm so excited! :D
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Re: First LD Questions

Postby Tomato » 22 Sep 2012 01:03

About the jumping from windows bit... it may have been because you were subconsciously aware of the fact that you can jump from the window and have the ability to glide to the ground. All of these things sound somewhat normal for a first lucid dream in my opinion. That or we both get weird dreams. Which reminds me; that was the funniest dream I've ever heard :lol:. Have you tried conjuration (the creation of dream objects and characters) since then?

EDIT: Why did I ask that? You posted that today! Lol! It's cool anyways.
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Re: First LD Questions

Postby Psychosanity » 23 Sep 2012 16:04

I've been doing more research (like I do every day :D) and decided on some answers...

I learned about the 5 layers/levels of LDing, and decided I was going in and out of level 1 lucidity. (I was aware I was dreaming, but that's about it. Dream characters still seemed like external beings to me, the dream was an actual 'place' that me and the characters we're all in together. I knew it was a dream, but didn't own it as MY dream, filled with MY characters.) So, there's that. It explains the conflicting thoughts...yes I knew I could float down to the street, but as far as I knew they could chase me riding flying pigs or something...those people were in this dream world with me, and in this dream world, they owned that dream apartment. At higher levels, I would have been more aware that the world and the apartment were mine...and so were the people.

Higher levels of lucidity, when I reach them soon, will also indeed yield full alertness and clear thinking (as I thought, but the dream confused me about that somehow).

Tomato wrote:All of these things sound somewhat normal for a first lucid dream in my opinion.

Sounds like you have that exactly right, tomato. :mrgreen: Thanks for the response!

Any more thoughts, as always, are very welcome.

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Re: First LD Questions

Postby Bleekman117 » 23 Sep 2012 23:05

Yea, that sounds about right for a first LD. It will take some practice to become more "Lucid" in a LD, but once you do... Well, let me just say that if you thought your first LD was awesome, you will be blown out of the water! Once you get more practice and are able to control different aspects of the dream and do more things, it almost feels like you are god. Nothing will be out of reach and you will be doing things that you might not have even known existed.
One piece of advice I will give you for later on down the line is that, when you are able to gain some moderate control over the dream, try to think outside of the box. There are things you can do in a LD that you would have never thought of if you weren't in a dream.
Example: 360 Degree vision. Shit is trippy, lol
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