Beginner with mistakes

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Beginner with mistakes

Postby Extermanet » 06 Jul 2011 11:40

Hello, Since i'm here it means I have begun the process of becoming a lucid dreamer. Like a lot of beginners I can't wait.

Last night was my first night attempting to pull on a lucid dream. I had watched the subliminal video before I went to bed, and once I hopped into bed I had attempted the MILD Technique. Every time I would get to the third stage my heart would start beating like crazy! After what felt like an hour of trying, I got up and looked on this site for more info. I saw that using Binarul Beats could help you achieve Lucidity. I saw that all binarul beats were just calming ocean noises with white noise in the background. I lazed on that idea and turned on the white noise maker I have, and figured my fan sounded enough like ocean winds. Of course it didn't help, and It also didn't help that I was roasting all night.
Something that may not have helped was the fact that I had not meditated the day before

So some of it is obvious to me what is a mistake, but still very unclear. I would like to know...

1) What makes Binural beats so much more worth it
2) Is Binural beats the best way to calm myself down
3) I wont expierience a lucid dream my first night will I (I feel I should know this, but I jus gotta reasure myself) and if so, should I still treat it like it's gonna happen every night?

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Re: Beginner with mistakes

Postby rdubya » 06 Jul 2011 15:11

You seem very excited to LD, which is a great thing to get across to your subconcious. But to better your odds, you want to be calm and accepting on LD as a natural part of life! Do the mental training, ie meditation, keep up the techniques you have learned and it will happen sooner than later. Expecting to LD the first night without any prior training is like expecting to lift a 100 pound boulder without any training. Like everything in life, it takes work and dedication, but the reward is always worth it.

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Re: Beginner with mistakes

Postby dagomez99 » 07 Jul 2011 04:59

Hey Extermanet,

It's great to know that you're interested in lucid dreaming, let me explain briefly what binaural beats are.
First of all, the "background" noises (calming ocean sounds, white/pink/brown noise) are not the important part, they just "fill" the background (although they may settle down your mind as well), the important part is that they contain separate frequencies that differ just in a few Hz for each earphone, for example, if you want to entrain your brain to a freq. Of 4 Hz, then the BB may have 300 Hz in the right earphone and 304 Hz in the left, this creates an internal freq. In your head of 4 Hz, this part is what entrains the brain, that's why they're not effective with speakers.

Apart from BB there are other options, like monaural beats and isochronic tones. The latter ones are offered for free in
Hope this helps.

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