first experience

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first experience

Postby sarah444 » 26 Sep 2012 22:32

hey guys,
so, I heard about lucid dreams and I found a lot of information here!
As soon as I understood everything here, I tried for the first time to have a lucid dream, but I couldn't !
I wanna know some suggestions to have my first experience even though I already read the informations. What's the first step I should do?
Thanks : )

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Re: first experience

Postby Peter » 26 Sep 2012 23:07

you have taken the first step, just keep trying and have a good read of the web site and ask away
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Jack Reacher
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Re: first experience

Postby Jack Reacher » 29 Sep 2012 06:01

Keep in mind that this process is a bit of an art, its a new area for everyone really and there is no ultimate step by step algorithm to follow to ensure you have one, a bit of luck and the right state of mind is needed to have a lucid dream. Its also a skill but realise that ANYONE can do it, or at least anyone can learn to do it.

I would start off simply with dream recall, keep a dream journal and try record all your dreams.
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Sterre Duiker
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Re: first experience

Postby Sterre Duiker » 30 Sep 2012 18:03

I had the same problem. I have tried to become lucid for weeks after being told how to. I experienced my first lucid dream just 3 days ago and got plenty of almost lucid dreams after that. I advise you wake up after 4-6 hours of sleep depending on your cycle (Search up the 5 stages of sleep) then immediately go to sleep again and repeat the words in your head that you are dreaming.
Just keep trying and have patience! Search up the topic "I just thought of a new lucid dreaming techniques" if you are having problems. It should help.

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Re: first experience

Postby Tomato » 11 Oct 2012 21:51

Jack Reacher wrote:Its also a skill but realise that ANYONE can do it, or at least anyone can learn to do it.

It couldn't have been said better.
Everyone has the capacity to do it, what you really need is motivation.

Practice meditation, keep a dream journal, and practice remembering your non-lucid dreams.
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