Lucid dream - part cool, part frustrating

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Lucid dream - part cool, part frustrating

Postby beadietux » 28 Sep 2012 15:16

I had an interesting lucid dream experience last night. Most significant thing about it is that it's the first time I've used the sensation of sleep paralysis and transformed it into a lucid dream experience. I was laying in bed, having just read some of a book on lucid dreaming, so i had it on my mind. I started to drift off and became aware of the weight of sleep paralysis. I tried moving my body and couldn't. I immediately take action to use it to my advantage and turn it into a lucid dream. I start to push against the weight, but not struggle, and just slowly lift up. I open my eyes and sit up. I think I’m successful but not sure yet. I vividly remember not wanting to look down to see if I could see my own body...I was afraid that would startle me too much and might wake me up. So, I stand up and walk into the living room…I feel very fuzzy and feel a throbbing (not unpleasant though) sensation in the back of my head…I often feel this when I’m in heavy meditation. I start to question whether or not I am lucid dreaming or awake, so I start bouncing around the living room. I bounced, I flew a little bit, and I could feel my body land against objects or the floor, but it didn’t hurt and it didn’t jar anything. So I knew I was lucid dreaming and immediately felt that giddy excitement over being lucid. So, I knew I could do whatever I wanted, but I was nervous and a little anxious…I knew I had to keep those emotions in check or I would lose it. So, I just quickly said, “Ok, show me France…show me the eiffle tower.” The room blurred but nothing happened. I decided not to dwell on it and just move on, so I walked out of the apartment and down the steps. Suddenly, I started to question, again, whether or not I really was lucid – I had doubts since I hadn’t been able to conjure up France – so I looked at my hands, and my right hand was really messed up – the thumb was fused to my other fingers. I just laughed and said out loud, “Oh yeah, I’m dreaming, no doubt!” This is when the scenery changed, but I didn’t consciously think about it – I’m realizing it now as I’m writing that this is when the scene changed. I was on a sidewalk outside of a hospital, and there was a guy walking a dog. I almost ignored him because I didn’t know who he was, but then I realized that it was a dream character, cause it’s a guy in my dreams so that counts, right? So I went up to him and said, “hey you’re a character in my dream…does my subconscious have anything it wants to tell me.” He just nervously laughed and looked at the ground and didn’t really have anything to say, so I said, “No? Ok, well thanks anyway.” And I walked on. Things get fuzzy here a little. Next I’m in a hallway of the hospital, and I’m trying to make something happen. I said outloud, “show me something beautiful,” and again, nothing happened. So, I decided to try bouncing and flying, so I did…I bounced around and had some fun, and I remembered a past lucid dream where I got out of a building by crawling through the ceiling, so I tried that but I couldn’t keep myself up high enough for long enough. So, I was a little frustrated but didn’t want it to ruin my experience, so I started sticking my hand through the wall, and that worked and it was fun, and I did that, giggling, for a while. Then I turned around and noticed more dream characters. Doctors. I pick a tall red haired pretty lady to ask the same question. I say, “hey, is there anything my subconscious wants me to know?” And she smiles and shrugs and says something (can’t remember specific) about enjoying life…just enjoy life. Something like that. The understanding was that there’s nothing major I need to know…I just need to remember to enjoy my life. My next memory of the dream is of sitting at a table with some other dream characters, and my mind starts wandering. One of the characters is telling me something, but it reminds me of something else and I stop listening and my wind wanders. Then I lose it. I slipped back into awareness that I was laying in bed, and I was in a half awake, half dream state. I immediately understood that my mistake was in letting my mind wander…forgetting where I was and not focusing on what was happening.

Lessons learned: All great news that I recognized what was happening in my sleep and made myself more aware and remembered to do reality checks and remembered past experience and employed same tactics to see if they worked. This time, I utilized reality checks, talking to dream characters, and attempted to change my scenery, though it didn’t work. The main difference about this one, though, is that it started from sleep paralysis - that's never happened - and that when it was over, I was still dreaming, but aware that I had disconnected too much and was aware of my body laying in bed before I actually woke up. That's strange...makes me wonder what I could at that moment next time...I bet that I could have gotten up again and had another experience if I had concentrated and focused on doing that.

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