Last night's LD

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Last night's LD

Postby beadietux » 05 Oct 2012 15:25

Last night's LD was the first time I've become lucid as a result of questioning an abnormality and thinking "maybe this is a dream." So, that was cool. Each time I have an LD, I overcome some previous obstacle. Here's the next obstacle I want to overcome...boring settings. I know this sounds annoying, but in my dream last night, after I flew around, I wanted to do more...I wanted to have an adventure and explore, but my dreamscape was totally boring and uneventful. I even went into space and it was boring! The space setting was dull - like literally, the stars were not bright, they were dull. Earth looked like a 2nd grade globe with continents outlined and countries labeled in black bold font. I went to Venus and Mercury, and they were balls of fire...that was kind of cool, but it was hot so I went away and just saw blackness. So i came back to earth. Anyway, I guess I'm just a little disappointed that I'm not seeing more amazing settings. Yes, space would seem amazing, but ya know, it wasn't REALLY space, it was just a dream, and my subconscious managed to make it boring. I even had a couple of weird cartoon like creatures, but it wasn't very exciting. Here's what I wrote in my log.

I'm looking in the mirror and notice that my hair is styled is differently...much different than I style it. I examine it and the most significant change is that there's this big curl going the wrong way. It's morning, so I think, "did someone style my hair while I was sleeping? Who would have done this? How could someone have done this without me waking up? This is crazy!" Then it suddenly occurs to me - maybe I'm dreaming! So, I do a reality check. I look at my hands and my right hand has just 2 fingers, vulcan style. I say "yes!" and feel really proud of myself that i was able to recognize an abnormality in the world and question whether or not it is a dream.

I immediately just take off and run through the apartment. I jump up and down...I feel it but there's no pressure or force as a result of me jumping. So, I run outside. I run super fast and then bounce around and fly a litle fun! I'm finally flying outside. I start to explore my dreamworld and it's pretty boring and I worry that i'm going to lose my dream if nothing interesting happens. I work hard on staying focused on what's right in front of me and not letting my mind wander. I look for dream characters. I find one and say, "Hey, I'm dreaming! What are you doing?" She responds but I can't remember what she says. I say to her, "Hey, I'm going to fly out into space, ok?" and I shoot up into the sky. I'm a little scared but mostly excited...I know it's a dream and that nothing bad will happen. So, I shoot straight up Superman style and go through the atmosphere and into space. I get SO excited when i see blackness and stars that I almost lose it - everything gets blurry. So, i calm myself down and focus. I see stars and I see Earth but nothing is brilliant and vivid and I'm surprised at that. The stars look dull. Earth looks like a globe with outlines of continents and countries labeled in bold black font. The moon doesn't look like the moon - it's beige with black deep craters. I head to Mercury and Venus and they are just balls of fire. I feel the heat and back up. Space is pretty boring in this dream. I go back down to earth. I'm on the balcony of my apartment...I jump off and land at the bottom...that's fun. I go back upstairs. I'm bored and starting to lose focus. Suddenly I'm in bed but I'm aware that my body is still asleep. I remember what I did last time and how I realized that I should try to get up again. So I do! I sit up, and it's not a struggle at all. I look at my hands for an RC and my right hand has 6 fingers. Yes, I'm still dreaming!! I get up and go back out onto my breezeway. I run and jump off (3rd floor) from the railing. I fly around. It feels great! I land and am in a white room with a counter. Behind the counter are two weird creatures - they're not scary, kinda cute. One is round and green and the other is round and red...big eyes. I try to talk to them but they don't talk. I go into another room and see a lady with blonde hair and pilgrim hat. I try to talk to her. No luck. Someone else is with her. They just stare at me. I'm getting pretty bored. My mind wanders and I lose it. I'm back in bed...I'm really tired and just go to sleep.

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Re: Last night's LD

Postby XxXSleepingXxX » 21 Oct 2012 05:17

Did you try summoning a DreamFriend or Summoning buildings? I like experimenting by making creatures or testing super powers. Lucid Dreams aren't boring as you can do WHATEVER you want! You can Fly, Make a planet, DESTROY!, Build, Play and more! I met two dream friends, and every time I dream up a good dreamscape, I invite them. Heres a tip.
Imagine a blank canvas and create a world for every emotion. I do this and set them up in Dream Doors. I imagine the Door and BOOM my sub-councious knows already whats inside.

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