Recent LD

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Recent LD

Postby invisiblex » 05 Oct 2012 22:37

There were many stairs. All brown and made of stone. All leading up to a brown castle atop a beautiful green hill. My little brother and I were standing near the bottom of the hill. I was curious about the castle. I knew that a the queen lived there.
We slowly climed up the stairs. As I looked around, Everything was either brown or green. Except for the sky, with was clear and blue, maybe with a little white. We kept climbing, and I helped my brother up some of the stairs. Not all of the, we're the same size. There were these really tall ones, up to around five feet. Sometime, when we were close to the top, I suddenly realized I was dreaming. I just kept climbing up, and tried to keep calm. I thankfully remembered a little about what I read in the lucid dreaming site. The spinning feeling from my other failed LDs didn't come and take me.
When I finally reached the top, my path was blocked by giant men with brown jackets. They wouldn't let me through. I turned around, and saw that my shirt was unbuttoned. I buttoned it, although it wasn't that big of a deal. When I faced the castle again, the men were gone. I approached the door. Everything was fuzzy, so I commanded, "Clarity Now!" And things actually became much more real! I could feel the door, and see its texture. I noticed the little potted plants on both sides of the door. I was so excited, that I banged the door open, and burst inside. Standing there, was a girl who looked very similar to me. She wore pink. She stared at me with a displeased look. I might've introduced myself. But in a few moments, I ignored the queen and tried jumping to see if I could fly. I jumped a few feet higher than I normally would. I floated back down. I tried again, this time thinking about flying, and the floating sensation. I jumped much higher, and stayed in the air longer. I could see the queen was shocked to see that I could do that. When I landed again, I laughed, and ran towards a wall. I put my hand on it to see if I could get it through. I woke up then. I remember seeing red.

That's my first real, vivid lucid dream from a couple? weeks ago. I used the WBTB. I'm very happy that I managed to stay lucid for that long.

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Re: Recent LD

Postby dreamerinmiami » 06 Oct 2012 21:39

cool LD! sounds like you had an alice in wonderland type dream lol
What is your definition of reality?

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