Lucid Nightmare Limbo

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Lucid Nightmare Limbo

Postby Polishgirl62 » 06 Oct 2012 00:43

I am a Lucid dreamer, have been most of my life. I have OBE as a child. As an adult I Lucid Dream and have Sleep Paralasis. SP I hate and try to avoid at all costs. I am too exhaused after. But last night was the first time things were so real in the dream I actually BELIEVED I had died in my sleep, was sent into Limbo, and could not get back to my husband and family. I lucidly talked to everyone, discussed how to leave, met people whom were returning to purgatory, was told it was extremely rare to leave this state. WHen I asked what my husband was going to awake to, I was told I suffered a stroke during the night and he would be calling EMS. I asked if I could see him, no. I tried all the rooms, talked logically with everyone and finally a woman took me to what she said was my last chance. A room where I could not touch the floor. Hopping couches or chairs was ok, go figure. I began to pray intensely in this white room...eventually which felt like days I went into SP and my husband awoke me. I got on the FLOOR and cryied and prayed like a baby. I really believed I was DEAD. During the whole experience I saw one person I recognized, whom is alive, but his wife just passed. I also lost a sister in law this week. Am I correct in assuming that losing several people this year has affected my subconsious and caused this intense Nightmare. I also was awake at 6 am feeling heart palpiltations then when going back to sleep had this nightmare so Im sure this is all related to my subconscious mind finally telling me to get ride of some of the fear. Any opinions? Reaaly dont want a vivid experience like this again. Thank you for letting me vent.

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Re: Lucid Nightmare Limbo

Postby dreamerinmiami » 06 Oct 2012 21:33

yes our subconcious sorts out our problems through dreams.. if this happens again ask the dream itself to help you out. maybe you visited a different dimension in your dream and met pretty interesting dream figues
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