does the dream watch you?

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does the dream watch you?

Postby dreamerinmiami » 06 Oct 2012 21:50

i have read in a book that there is an awareness in the dream (apart from your main ego). your subconcious.. it sounds wierd but i feel like there is. like something is there watching you creating the dream alongside with you. when i tried to fly once i was flying like a frog would swim and heard a loud laugther around me. there was no one there. was i being watched???? :shock:
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Re: does the dream watch you?

Postby Sir_Serix » 06 Oct 2012 22:37

Well, although neuroscience has almost no idea of how a dream is created and it continues funny after you reach lucidity, most people in this forums believe that the subconscious exists.
I agree with these people, I think that other 'me' is the one that makes like the story of the dream and when we adquire lucidity, we 'stick away' from his plans.Maybe he is actually observing us/you and like with the laugher he tries to call your attention, that or your thoughts just raised your paranoia and makes you create all that things...

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Re: does the dream watch you?

Postby Peter » 07 Oct 2012 02:03

One concept is that the you that is being described is not one entity and not one major controlling state so the us that we think we are is only one part of a set of energies or beings that together form one being. The us we think we are may not even be an important part of the big picture. I say that there is no purpose in life as it is simply a gift so just enjoy it and feed the other parts of us - they may be struggling and dont need our hangups :lol:
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