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If you're new to lucid dreaming, browse this forum for answers to your questions, or post and ask for specific tips on getting started.
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New to this site

Postby Dream Seal » 12 Oct 2012 23:41

Hi everyone,

I am not new to lucid dreaming but I am new to this web site and these forums. So I'll start my introducing myself and my experience.

I first started lucid dreaming naturally when I was about 5 years old. I still remember that in that dream I was standing on the school field at my primary school and suddenly realising I was dreaming, and then using that knowledge to believe I could start flying. And so I flew out over the school field like Superman.

That is about all I remember of that first lucid dream, but it had a big impact and many more such dreams followed after that. For the next few years it was all about "flying" though. I've read that this is quite common. To me, as a child, realising you were dreaming instantly meant that you could fly. I didn't think much more about it beyond that. But then as I started entering my teens, I began to do more. I started doing things like walking on water, breathing underwater, making my school bag fly across the room, making things appear in front of me.

I don't remember the exact year but it was some time around 1989/90 when I was 14 years old that I walked into a library and found Stephen LaBerge's 1985 "Lucid Dreaming" book. I couldn't believe that someone had actually written a book about what I was experiencing. It goes without saying that I checked that book out of the library immediately and quickly read through the whole thing from cover to cover. It was amazing. I can still see myself turning through those pages in my bedroom at my parents house. I finally had a name to call that type of dream and I now had ways to induce more of them.

It was then that I started keeping a dream journal. I kept that going for about 4 years. At its peak, I was recording up to four dreams a night and over 30 dreams a month, and a lot of them were lucid.

I guess over time other things started taking my time and I lost the habit. I haven't recorded a dream for nearly 20 years now, and the last lucid dream I remember having was about 8 years ago. It was a good one though, so I'm happy about that.

I started thinking this week that I'd like to get back into it again. For me, in the past, it was an enthusiasm thing that had the most success in inducing lucid dreams. Reading about it, talking to other people about it, thinking about it as I fall asleep. I haven't been doing any of that for the last 8 years. So I'm hoping that maybe if I join this message forum and start reading about it again that it might help.

I've had many lucid dreams but one thing I've never had is a WILD. I've tried it in the past but never persevered with it. That is one thing that I'd like to experience. So hopefully that goal can keep me focussed this time.

Best regards,

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Re: New to this site

Postby Snaggle » 13 Oct 2012 06:26

Hi, great to have you here. I mainly have down WILDs whether spontaneous or intentionally. good luck with your attempts.
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