My _____ Dream Experiences.......any similarities?

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My _____ Dream Experiences.......any similarities?

Postby Schirall » 13 Oct 2012 19:35

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Hello Everyone,

I can literally type until tomorrow regarding this matter, but I just want to throw some basic stuff out there for now and see if maybe anyone else has experienced something similar. I am absolutely convinced that SOMETHING is happening, some sort of mass awakening...and my sister, who I live with completely that's one. At the very least something is going on with me. lol

OK, first of all let me say that I have begun what you could call a "spiritual journey" about 8 years ago by picking up one book, which led to another , then meditation...and so on. It really has been a miraculous transformation for me in general. In short, during that time I experienced one "disaster" after another, losing what I thought was everything (money, house, wife....), all the while full of distress and anguish...but at the same time was growing spiritually.

The reason this is significant is because I can pinpoint one specific day/night, almost two years ago, where I was "awakened," (at least to some degree). It was my moment "under the tree" in Buddhist terms. lol And THAT SAME NIGHT, was when I experienced my first "lucid dream." I use quotes because I didn't really know what was going on yet. It was brief, but it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Of course I didn't make this connection until recently. I remember that vividly though, and because of the timing it makes me believe that my mind was somehow "opened up" to receive such things, since that is exactly what the goal of practice is, to clear your mind.

Today, I honestly can not remember a night where I did not dream, vividly...and not just dreams....movies. I'm always playing the role of myself, either tangled up in some scene I would have found myself in about 15 years ago (I'm 38), with all of my friends, family, or either one of the two places I lived growing up OR I am myself, same time, same friends involved in what I can only describe as a full length feature film....with amazing detail as far as scenery and a very impressive dialogue even. lol There are some themes that are consistent throughout I will get to in a minute.

Keep in mind that these dreams are EVERY single time I fall asleep, bar none. As far as being lucid: I would say most of the time I am participating in these dreams as I said, either movie or family event or one of the other recurring situations, and I'd describe them as "very intense dreams." I'm not lucid, but they always seem very real.

The second type of experience I have, which happens rather frequently.....considering that before all this I was lucky to have a dream that I would even remember in the morning, is probably in the false awakening category. Sometimes, I do in fact "wake up" in my bed and begin that way, often running into another member of the household and having full conversations with them, but usually I just appear in the scenes. BUT I can not stress how real they actually feel. In these dreams, I am absolutely convinced it is reality (which is why I call them FA). Often, I will question them, like pinching myself or something, and further confirm they are real......only to be absolutely stunned when I really awake! (And I have also done the "double wake up" too.) Many times, I will find myself in a very "undesirable" situation that will cause me to be lucid for a moment, just long enough to "will" myself awake. (Actually, that "forced waking" has happened a lot.)

After a while, I started to catch myself in these "super-real" dreams and, of course, become lucid. I remember my first time; it was so cool. All I wanted to do was fly, but it took a while to get over my natural fear of heights. I would estimate my first lucid dream to be about 6 months ago (besides that very first one two years ago), and I have had maybe 10 or so since. It usually happens at the tail end of a night of dreams. I know this because I will always wake up before I want to and it'll be morning. While I do seem to be getting better at things like levitation and ability to change or create scenes have been disappointing, as I am stuck in the same old scenarios night in and night out. Don't get me wrong, as I said, there has been some cool stuff, like becoming lucid in jail after being arrested and flying through the wall to freedom lol....but again I was myself, early twenties, running with my same friends. I'd like to visit ancient Rome or something, you know what I'm saying?

Anyway, I'm just trying to throw out the basics of this amazing dream life I am starting to have, and maybe some of you can share similar stories and help make sense of it. Here are just some things that are consistent:

I'm always at an event (wedding, ballgame, cruise, movie, nightclub, Disney, or just a party at one of my homes as a kid) with my extended family on both sides and everyone I've hung out with from 10-25 (all or some). When my family is involved i am always arguing with my mom, which is weird. When I am with my friends i seem to always be in trouble, often recreating, in some way, "tragedies" that have happened in the being fired for crashing the work truck, getting into stupid trouble at a night club, trouble with the cops.........etc. or some other "insecurity" like a wardrobe malfunction or getting snubbed by a girl I like. lol Obviously, I am wrestling with my subconscious or my ego......idk.

The way I can bring even obscure characters from my past, as well as deceased or simply "long-time-no-see" friends into the dream, recreate their features and hold conversations with them has been astonishing. Equally mind-boggling is the ability we have to recreate familiar scenery or construct a brand new landscape, namely while flying. During one my favorite lucid dreams, I met two girls who told me that they too were dreaming lucidly. When I told them about my fear of heights, she said she was scared at first too. then she had me hold on to her...and we went flying around. Yeah, not exactly Superman/ it was freakin' awesome! It wasn't a romantic connection between us, more like a really cool "lucid partner" lol I still wonder if I'll actually run into her one day. I wouldn't be surprised. That's how real it was. The same goes for an experience with a recently deceased friend of mine; I still think just maybe...

That's all for now. I don't want to bore you guys with my life story. lol Sorry so long, but I have to just stress how bizarre this has been. I mean, I am not the type of person that has ever experienced such things. A few years ago, i would've thought someone was full of crap who told me any of this.

I'm going to peruse the forum and check out everyone elses stories. See you around. Thx

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