How is it supposed to work? help please!

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How is it supposed to work? help please!

Postby Dream_Wolf » 14 Oct 2012 17:05

ok lately, i've found out i was trying to hard to get a lucid dream. so i try to not put to much pressure on the lucid dreaming but i end up always falling asleep. i always just lay on my bed and just let the hypnogongia and a bit of the sleep paralisis but from there, if i try to visualize slowly, i never get to sleep, but from that point, if i wait any longer, i end up falling asleep. (btw i use the WBTB tequnique on the weekends and before i go to sleep on school days, WILD) so, any help? anything im donig wrong? well anyway thx for paying attention at this post. bye!

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Re: How is it supposed to work? help please!

Postby HAGART » 15 Oct 2012 05:25

Dream_Wolf wrote:i've found out i was trying to hard to get a lucid dream

I think it is one of those things where if you try too hard it gets pushed further away. It's like telling yourself right now... GO TO SLEEP! SLEEP NOW! DO IT! (you can't). (the very act of saying to yourself, "go to sleep now", keeps you awake.) You have to let it happen. But being lucid at the very beginning of sleep and staying lucid is something I have never done and only a few claim to have that ability to do that, so even I don't even attempt that. I would just focus on the last few hours of sleep which have the most 'down to earth' dreams in my experience and are more vivid and memorable and close to home and easier to pinpoint oddities and realize it is a dream. Wake Back to Bed Method works well. Get a good 5 hour sleep or so, wake up, splash some water in your face, go back to bed and dream away. Even if not lucid they are always better. And then just remember them and right them down and after awhile you will be so well-aquainted with your dreams it becomes more obvious that you are dreaming.

You can learn all about lucid dreaming and practice techniques, but they don't seem to work do they? It's more of a mindset and a way of being and being very familiar with your dream side of life, whatever it may be.

You can't learn to ride a bike in a text book... In other words: How do you teach somebody to lucid dream with just words? And no training wheels? I don't know. But we all dream every night, so there is the start.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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