Lucid Sex on the First Try!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Lucid Sex on the First Try!

Postby in_wonderland » 14 Oct 2012 18:41

Let me start by saying I am new to lucid dreaming. My friend Nick from school has been encouraging me to try it, and giving me tips and advice. I started practicing reality checks and recording/ thinking about my dreams a lot more about 3 weeks ago. I also started lurking around this site a lot. I had a couple LDs really fast, but they were always short-lived, and usually resulted in me getting too excited and waking up. But early this morning, I had my first "real" lucid dream. Before I went to sleep, I was thinking about how long its been since I had sex. As a 20 year old and very sexual girl, not having sex for awhile can be quite frustrating, so I decided that next time I have a lucid dream I'm just gonna go for it and get laid. Well, LUCKY ME, I fell asleep and got laid in a matter of minutes. I was across the street at my neighbors apartment just hanging out with a bunch of weird ugly guys and they were doing something weird. Typical random dream for me. But then something crazy popped up (I think a floating car) as if it were a big sign in front of me saying "HEY, YOURE DREAMING!" and suddenly I was lucid. I got really excited as usual and woke up. But, I noticed right away it was a false awakening because my roommate was being ridiculously loud and chatty, and the clock read 6 AM. My roommate never talks in the morning, so I knew I was still dreaming.

It was easier to stay calm and collected in my dream room, rather than the nasty apartment complex across the street, so I remained lucid. I didn't get out of bed, because A) I didn't know if I could actually walk and B) I really wanted to get laid. So I thought to myself, I really want a hot man in my bed right now. I rolled over, and like magic, my friend Nick was in my bed. I was a little disappointed at first, because I knew I could probably hook up with him in real-life if I wanted, but figured since we talk about lucid dreams so much it makes sense that he would be the one in bed with me. Anyways, I couldnt complain, he had a nice body and was warm and cuddly. My roommate was still in the room, but I had a giant curtain around my bed and didn't really care if my dream roommate saw me have sex anyway. Soon Nick was going down on me and I literally could not understand how it felt so good- I was dreaming- but I could feel everything! Then we decided to have sex, and HOLY SHIT, dream sex feels just as good (if not better) than real sex. I was so happy with myself. After we finished that, Nick asked me if I would go down on him. I said "Why would I want to give head right now...this is my dream, not yours!" He's a nice guy so he understood.

Then my roommate (still in the room..weird I know) started laughing so hard at my comment. Her loud incredibly annoying laugh practically woke me up. My eye cracked open and I saw my real room. I thought my dream was over when suddenly I noticed I could still hear the awesome funky-jazz music that was playing in my dream. I shut my eye back quickly, and heard a weird buzzing noise in one of my ears. Then I couldn't move or breathe and felt a sudden pang of fear and realized I was in sleep paralysis. Instead of being scared, like I usually am during SP, I was relieved because this meant I could go back to my Lucid dream!

I began to hear the most tranquil nature noises I have ever heard. Birds were chirping and the sound of a waterfall softly played in my head. I thought maybe I was falling into a new dreamscape, but instead I woke up in my dream room again. My bedroom window was open with a cool breeze coming out. My roommate and Nick were still in the bedroom, but I decided it was time to ditch them for some solo flight lessons. It took a few minutes, but eventually I got out of bed. At first I was scared I would wake myself up by getting out, since my dream body was sleeping in a bed somewhere. I hopped out anyway. Walking around my bedroom was so cool. This was my first time paying attention to my movements in a LD and I was shocked at how real everything felt (I guess the mind blowing sex wasnt enough). My dream apartment was much different than my regular apartment. I checked myself out in the mirror but I looked all ugly morphed like and short and fat. So from now on I wont be looking in the mirror! Walking down the stairs I started jumping slightly, getting way more air than I normally would. I got down to the first floor and hovered for a second (trying to prepare myself to fly) which was so fun! Even just hovering was a magical experience.

Then, I saw a cute dog in the corner of the living room. Even in my dreams I can't resist petting a cute I went up and pet her. She was so soft and sweet. I said goodbye because it was time for me to teach myself how to fly and she licked me on the cheek. I made my way toward the door and was just stepping outside, when suddenly the dog started growling really loudly. The growling turned into a car driving by and I woke up for good. I was bummed I didn't get to explore outside my apartment anymore, but that was still an amazing first lucid dream experience! I can't believe how long it lasted and how vivid everything was.

If you haven't had lucid sex yet, I highly recommend it!

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Re: Lucid Sex on the First Try!

Postby ice » 20 Oct 2012 16:12

Oh Dear this is Amazing!

I have been reading about lucid dreams on the web but I thought it would be a commercial invention or something. But after reading your and others guys posts I am decided to lucid dream.

Thank you for sharing this amazing experience you had, it's pretty unbelievable that everything you can't do in real life such as fly, you can do it lucid dreaming...

I hope I can do this as easily, realystic and long as you did!!

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Lucid Sex on the First Try!

Postby sheeptea » 25 Oct 2012 21:16

I have had lucid sex dreams too and they are absolutely amazing. They have never lasted really long but WOW.
I just learnt about lucid dreaming (have done it all my life though) so now I just need to learn how to control myself and there is a whole new world to dicover.

Happy dreaming!

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