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Perma-Lucid Dreamer Right Here

Postby reptylegirl » 15 Oct 2012 22:08

hi, i'm reptylegirl. i'm what was termed here as a perm-lucid dreamer. yes, it is tiring. i've been making decisions for the last 5 hours of my sleep. and yes, i timed it. i got a call at 10. i started dreaming almost immediately and i could tell you all the the dreams. the school, the leaving one side of the school and the flying through the other. changing to a planet where our poo was shiny crystals and i decided to go against the system and got thrown in jail which was actually a doll making factory. the dolls where these out of this world barbie things with crazy looking hair cuts and vampire nuns themes. it was pretty cool. but i broke out of there after giving one the girls who is a friend of mine in real life a good talking to. then there was girl band i started with two sisters and how they made a fortune. then the other place i went that was extremely primitive where i was a boy (i often have dreams where i'm male even though i'm female) and i decided to again go against the system and instead of following the "work now, sleep now" i took my female friend on an escapade through the market and tried to make purchases. when that didn't work, we kept walking and ending up in an old strip mall where some stores were doing well and others weren't. so i told her to hang back, that i was going to get us a real job. then i chose the right mark and told him what he was doing wrong with his salesman. that's when i decided that i was exhausted and even a good job with him was too much and i needed a rest. so i woke up. at 4. from 10 to 4. that's a lot longer than an hour and a half.

i've written children's stories from my dreams. gotten art projects from them. have movie ideas, novel ideas. all because i controlled where they went. but that is work.

so you see. those are one to two sentences descriptions of dreams that lasted a very long time. i slept through two phone calls with my phone right beside my head. and i'm exhausted. i've been doing this since i was a kid. i know how to make myself fly, how to move things with the nod of my head. and all this makes me angry when i wake up because it is soooo real. i've been to other planets where i breathe underwater and fly because there's no land. i've waited tables and i've run companies. and i've done it all for hours and hours! and i made the decisions to do it. but i've never rested. and i rarely feel rested when i wake up. so you asked for an opinion of someone who has done this for most of their life. there it is.

if someone comes to you and says they're tired. please don't pass them off. because i'm tired. i'm exhausted. these dreams suck you in and it's like a drug. you don't want to leave. my dreams are my drug. but they leave me feeling like crap in real life. if i could stop them... it's such a hard choice. there is no in-between here. apparently i can answer the phone or turn the clock off and still be in a dream state... go right back to where i was. it's that powerful. if i could dream for an hour and a half, i would be over the moon with joy.

so come up with something. work on something. this is a whole community of dreamers. please.

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Re: Perma-Lucid Dreamer Right Here

Postby Snaggle » 21 Oct 2012 12:45

Are you mentally tired, physically or both?

There's no reason you can't learn to nap within a lucid dream, or try to go to sleep in one or mediate, any of these should leave you more rested in real life.
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Re: Perma-Lucid Dreamer Right Here

Postby Peter » 21 Oct 2012 20:22

I agree with snaggle, just get lucid and ask for a sleep a good restful one and it should just happen. Like emotions learn to use them not let them use you
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Re: Perma-Lucid Dreamer Right Here

Postby KylePK » 23 Oct 2012 08:42

Try to increase your self discipline within the dream. Make it a goal for the dream ahead of time to simply meditate in the dream. This should be restful for you and you may also gain some useful insight!
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Re: Perma-Lucid Dreamer Right Here

Postby reptylegirl » 26 Oct 2012 20:43

i'm mentally and physically tired. i do have medical problems. i think i use my lucid dreams as a way to have fun since my body has let me down. but doing that makes me so sleepy. it's a catch 22. i have tried meds to stop the lucid dreaming, and it does work as long as i don't go back to sleep if i wake up. it's like the meds cast a spell on my sleep but if i break the spell by waking up, i'm going on a magical mystery tour if i decide to go back to sleep. neurontin is the med that can stop them if you're wondering.

i'm trying what y'all suggested. "resting, napping" in my sleep. between that and my new pain meds i seems to be getting rested better. i don't think it ever crossed my mind to "nap" in my sleep. when you wake up ready to tell your other half about 5 hours of adventure, it never crossed my mind -ever, to nap. that's not exciting or entertaining. but it sure is making the days better. so maybe i can save the long dreams for when i'm on to something that might be worth writing down!

thanks, and make sure you tell that to the next person. but do me a favor. don't tell it to them as if they should already know what they're doing. no one taught us "perma" anything. we just sleep and it happens. so when i first read your suggestions, i kinda felt like you were telling me something as if i should know it already, or know how to make goals for dreams. i don't do any of that. i didn't even know you could. the only goal i make if i need to is what time to get up. and that's only if i have a dr. appt, because i will turn the alarm clock off in my sleep. but if i make that goal- the whole universe takes over. the phone starts ringing. people start calling me. people start texting me. the fire alarm will say the batteries need changing. the neighbors will have someone with loud music pull into their driveway. i'm telling you... the whole universe gets involved. so i rarely make a real honest to goodness goal to do anything.

i've been lucid dreaming since i was 3. (i still remember some of the most vivid dreams from then) my first astral projection was at 13; completely NOT planned. i think all these things come from being an empath. i was dating another empath at 13 and his mom was the one that explained to me what was going on. i met him in my dream during the astral projection. the next day he called me and asked me if i had fun. i was freaked out. anyway... way off topic...

just please try to talk to one of us "perm lucid dreamers" like we're newbies and who happen to already be having the dreams with no previous guidance.

thank you a million for the help. and if i have anymore questions i'll definitely come ask!!

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