Creating a permanent dream 'landmark/area'?

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Ebony Wolf
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Creating a permanent dream 'landmark/area'?

Postby Ebony Wolf » 15 Oct 2012 23:09

I was discussing lucidity with my peers the other day (they are also avid lucid dreamers) and during this conversation, a question beamed through my mind:
If you create a lucid area, such as a town, statue, or landmark, can it stay in that area permanently without being altered/forgotten?
I'll try it, but I figured I might as well ask someone who already has.

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Re: Creating a permanent dream 'landmark/area'?

Postby Luciddreamer007 » 28 Oct 2015 20:28

Cool idea.
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Lonely Tear
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Re: Creating a permanent dream 'landmark/area'?

Postby Lonely Tear » 29 Oct 2015 16:23

ah i was waiting for someone to bring this up.

short answer: YES, its possible. i learned it from experience. but its not easy.

i had a series of dreams where i kept returning to one area where some of my dream characters resided. as i was exploring the place more and more i learned more about the place and soon most of my nights where exploring that area. after long time of dreaming, this palce was so natural to me, i knew a lot about it and even gave it a name. today im able to return there in most of my dreams. and i keep on exploring and "building" around the island.

how when i said its not easy, i was doing some research on this and found out that i was a bit lucky in a way. this landmark was linked to some of dream characters i meet, and coz i wanted to see them again, i keept returning to the landmark more and more, so it became natural. if you where to try and create a landmark for sake of it being the landamark you want, things get a little bit complicated, as for some reson you need strong connection to the place so you can keep imagining it and form a link that will help you return to it.
my advice is, try and imagine a isolated area with something important to you, as you go on about the dream, the place around it will grow. its worth a shot.
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Re: Creating a permanent dream 'landmark/area'?

Postby jasmine2 » 31 Oct 2015 05:18

It seems to me that an interesting dream experiment would be to mentally rehearse a particular type of landscape, before going to sleep.

For instance - a lovely meadow with flowers blooming. On one side of the meadow is a forest, and on the other side is a cliff overlooking a wide, peaceful view of the late afternoon sun over the sea. Imagine building a campfire, then beginning a slow dance around the fire, while singing a simple chant stating your intention to enter a dreamy state, become awake in the dream, and to take off flying.

Image becoming aware of all of your senses while experiencing this dream location and performing these thoughts and actions. Perhaps with practice, the unconscious mind would use this imaginary "dream gate" as a trigger for entering lucid dreams.

Two or more people might decide meet in such a place, on a particular night, and to try dreaming about a pre-arranged dream theme.

Here is an interesting article -
- "Dream Partners: An Ongoing Experiment In Lucid Dream Sharing" by Maria Isabel Pita -

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