Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Postby devron » 17 Oct 2012 20:56

The only reason I am in this forum is because I had a lucid dream the day and it was unlike no other dream ever! I swear by Allah I will not add any fiction or anything about what happen in that dream, it is not a long story but something happen that never happened before and I want it to happen again and that is why I now am in the world of Lucid dreamers and finally I can talk to people who have had the same experiance as me, first off I need to say I am new to all of this and probably the only black man in this site but let me start by saying how I came to you people, I have had many lucid dreams and I just forget about it and say "well so what, I knew I was in a dream" big deal but it is a big deal! Now there starting to happen a lot, I can remember one of the longest ones where I was outside and it was sunny and I figured it out I said to myself "This is a f*cking dream, I'm in a dream!!" Then I said to myself "I'm bout to go start some sh*t with people" I know this is a dream so I went into a restaurant and I started knocking the dishes and wine glasses off the table and the people in there just looked me like I was crazy, I really dont remember what happen next" but in all my dreams I can fly, thats just not a big deal for me, I always fly, I been doing that for years but I didnt know how bad people wish they could do it until I started reading about Lucid dreams yesterday, I didnt even know it was called that until yesterday but let me make a long story short, the other day I was in a dream and I had figured out it was a dream and I was with this British girl and she had that nice english accent you know?, I dont know how I got with her but we were outside and I was really attracted to her and I kept kissing her for some reason and I liked her but that's not what's important, all I remember is I said to her I said "This is a dream!! I said this is dream!!" she was like "What?" she really just blew me off and was like "What are you talking about?" I said "Go stand right there and watch this" So I took about 10 steps back and I ran towards her like I always have to do when I fly and I grabbed her by her waist real fast and lifted her up and flew into the air with her!! She was startled and scared at first and she said "Oh my,........ Oh my God" she couldn't believe I just did that, I dont know who this woman was but I knew it was a dream and I was like "We bout to go to a Hotel" I knew there were no laws so we got to the Hotel, a really expensive Hotel and I was like "I'm just gonna go in a room with her and lock ourselves in there", it was like Noon and all the Hotel rooms were open, you know how when the maids are cleaning the rooms? The maids were in the hallways cleaning changing the sheets and there was people checking out of the rooms and I went with her to the 2nd floor and she was in the Hallway doing something so I snuck in one of the rooms and I tried to make the bed and get her in the room but one of the maids came and saw me and wouldnt let me close the door on her and I dont know what happen to the girl but, that was the first time I even flew with someone else!! I have to do that again!! I did not know you could do that!! I picked up a girl and flew with her like Superman and Lois Lane!! thats was crazy!!! LMAO!!! I know this probably sounds nuts but its the truth, God knows its the truth, I just have to figure out how to do that again, flying at no big deal to me, I always do it but when you pick up someone and take them with you who has never flown before thats the sh*t!! I just had to share that, I have to learn how to get better at this but the danger always is getting too excited and waking up, be careful not to get too excited you figured out your in a dream because you will wake up.

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Nice, I am researching entering dreams. I could visit you xD. P.S I am black too

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