Hypnagogia help.

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Hypnagogia help.

Postby Jeff » 18 Oct 2012 02:28

I've been practicing lucid dreaming for about two months now, and I've yet to have a real lucid dream. I've deduced my problem down to not reaching hypnagogia. To be honest, I've got no idea what it should even feel/look like when it's happening, or even how to reliably experience it. Is it something I'm viewing as projected by my mind, or do I have to actually think it and will them to show up, like I would building a dream environment?

I've tried all links on the W.O.L.D pages, and I'm currently using the 10 step newsletter, as well as the lucid dreaming fastrack, all to no avail.

Any feedback?
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Re: Hypnagogia help.

Postby torakrubik » 18 Oct 2012 22:56

Don't will it to appear. It will do if you relax, and, ironically, stop thinking about hypnogogia. As it intensifies, you can consciously control it.
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Re: Hypnagogia help.

Postby in_wonderland » 24 Oct 2012 00:01

For me, hypnagogia starts off like a light show on the inside of my eyelides. If I close my eyes,hold still and relax for long enough (usually 5-10 mins for me) but look into the blackness of your eyelids, you will start to see some fuzzy shapes form (or dots, colors, lines). These get more intense as I stare at them. I like to play with the colors for fun, so ill think about purple and then a huge purple explosion of light will be visible. Once Im in a deeper state of hypnagogia and have gotten rid of the voice in my head, is when the shapes/ colors/ relaxed body state is really noticeable. I'll also have sudden "clips" of a dream play in my head that I did not think up on my own. And then I fall into my dream, sometimes remain lucid, others I dont.

I would say your best bet is to really stare into the black of your closed eye, and try to think about nothing but what you see and your breathing!

Lemme know if you have success

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Re: Hypnagogia help.

Postby KylePK » 28 Oct 2012 07:15

Sometimes staring into the blackness of your eyelids won't work. But it sounds awesome! I can't do that, its not nearly as cool as the guy above me described, and when I do it, I slowly find myself going crosseyed which isn't comfortable. Hypnagogia for me consists of the dream clips that he describes, little dream bits. I wish I had more visually entertaining HI.
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Re: Hypnagogia help.

Postby fuzzylogic » 05 Nov 2012 14:58

I found that trying to enter LD directly always ended up in frustration and hours of lost sleep. I have found that the only reliable way for me to LD is to just let it happen. Thinking about it during the day is also important because it puts the idea in your mind. So when the though appears in your dream you quickly realize what is happening.

To see if this works for you: do the concentrating and thinking about LD during the day to establish the thoughts in your conscious mind. And at night, use an affirmation that you will have a lucid dream but don't shut your eyes and try to force the process.

For me it occurs as a spontaneous realization that I am dreaming. For me reality checking is non-sensical. If I'm aware enough to perform a reality check, I already realize I'm dreaming immediately. I think we are all different though, for others RC method is important. You'll meed to figure out what works for you.

The other thing I do which works about 50% of the time, is I awake around 3, get up and read for 20 minutes and return to bed. Again, I don't try to work at it too hard because forcing it (for me) just makes me uptight and leads to nothing.

I have 1-2 LD a week. 2 last night using return to bed technique.

Good luck.

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Re: Hypnagogia help.

Postby HAGART » 06 Nov 2012 02:19

What you describe is actually THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of my experience and I too am not able to W.I.L.D. at will. But then again... who can? (at will that is).

Let me explain: I never knew what hypnogogia was until, after a lucid dream, I remained still with my eyes closed and saw images as detailed as a photograph flash before my 'eye's. They were extremely vivid, but in black and white and if there was color at all, it was only 3 or 4 colors. BUT VIVID LIKE A PHOTOGRAPH. They flashed before my eyes rapidly like the speed of a strobe-light in a nightclub. It started to appear to animate as my mind started to rationalize it and make connections from one to the other very quickly. Finally it was like watching a movie, albeit a staggered one, with a slow 'frame rate per second' but it became more fluid and finally it 'popped' and 'I was in again'. (so to speak). And it was more 3D than anything and I WAS THERE! IN IT!

Sounds amazing and it is and I still don't get those too often. But I never knew what hypnogogia was until after my experience and then I had to go look it up to see if I was nuts! Apparently I wasn't... the verdict is still out on that one.

But my final point is, HOW DO YOU DESCRIBE HYPNOGOGIA when it happens to everyone differently and even for myself it is different everytime IF AND/WHEN it happens.

Not knowing, makes us imagine what things should feel like, even if they are far off base. BUT WHEN it does actually happen, whenever or however.... YOU WILL JUST KNOW. There is no mistaking it and if you are like me, it feels like we have somehow been there before............................
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Re: Hypnagogia help.

Postby rothgar » 06 Nov 2012 04:25

I also LD once or twice a week... Had 3 in the last 3 days...and I have never experienced hypnagogia like everyone describes. For me I will go from nothing to dream clips that last a second or two...bursts in my mind. But then I do DILD technique with WBTB...a very short bathroom break for a minute or two.

But the point is, I think everyone is different, so dont stress it. You dont need hypnagogic images necessarily to LD. Reality checks and DILD work fine w/o HI.

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