New here and have some questions

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New here and have some questions

Postby williams216 » 18 Oct 2012 17:13

So I am new to this lucid dreaming but I have also had a "sixth sense" when it comes to my dreams. I am one of the few people I know that remebers if not all, most of my dreams.
i don't know how you guys on here feel about Deja Vu but that is the term I would use to descibe certain things that I dream about that actually happen. It's mostly with conversation than with actual experiences.
I wouldn't say that i have physic capabilities but sometimes I just "know" that a conversation has already taken place, atleast I dreamt about it prior to happening.

Anyway, this lucid dreaming is my new fascination and I would love to learn more. My main question that has been bugging me or "haunting" me is the fact that in almost every dream I have had for the past year, my ex-boyfriend is in it.
Just so you know. I was in a very serious but emotionally toxic relationship with my ex for 4 years. I am now married to my husband and have a beautiful daughter. I was seperated from my ex for about two years prior to dating my now husband. The split was necessary and the way it happened was my doing and my way out. So it's not like I was hung up on this guy and wanting to get back together with him.
I have been married for 4 years now and like I said my ex has been in my dreams for a little over a year now.
My question is...Why??? I don't get it.
Some if the dreams we are just in a space with a large group of people and he is just there. Others we are romantically involved. I have even had some where my now husband is there but in my dream he is not my husband.

I have not even seen my ex in about 6 years and trust me in no way would want to be with him. Even when I was with him a friend of mine was being read and the person doing the reading brought me up and said the guy I was with wasn't the guy I was to be with or even a good match for me.

I have always been able to dream about something I want just by concentrating on that particular subject before falling alseep. I never think of my ex so I'm not sure why he keeps showing up.

Anyone with insight on this????

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Re: New here and have some questions

Postby HAGART » 18 Oct 2012 22:49

williams216 wrote:I just "know" that a conversation has already taken place, atleast I dreamt about it prior to happening.

This happened to me two weeks ago. I was playing a board game with my brother and his fiance and I suddenly got a weird feeling like I had dreamed it before. It wasn't Deja Vu, I have had that, not for a long time, but it was similar. Like I knew it was relevant to a dream I had, but just on the tip of my tongue, or tip of my mind, so to speak and just couldn't quite place the memory of the dream. (maybe it was just an abstract feeling I felt in a dream where there was a similar circumstance, I don't know). I actually said it out loud to them, but they didn't care and dismissed me and my dreams as usual... :( .

People from my past show up in dreams too, and the only one who can truly interpret their arrival and persistence in your dreams is yourself. But no matter what, ask yourself how you felt in your dream and about your ex and when you left and are any of those type of things happening in your life again that can evoke the same feeling? Because it sounds like 'escaping' your ex was a big life change. But really only you can come up with the answer, but keep in mind, in a dream it is the FEELING, and YOUR OPINIONS OF THE EVENTS that is more important than what actually happened, in what order, and whatever logical narrative there is.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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