Something BIG is happening in Lucid London!

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Something BIG is happening in Lucid London!

Postby Fearghal76 » 19 Oct 2012 11:43

Consciousness Explorers!

Something BIG is going down in London. Right now – this is THE PLACE to be for those of us who are pushing the boundaries of consciousness exploration.

Never before have so many of the worlds leading authorities and practitioners have been gathered together in one place for an intensive look into the world of lucid dreaming, astral projection and Out of Body Experiences.

If you don’t believe me – then just see what the participants are saying about this special moment for our community!

Why You Should Be At Gateways, According to The Experts!

"To me, this seems a once-in-a-lifetime event! To collect together some deep explorers and thinkers in the realm of lucid dreaming and OBE's with an audience of deep explorers and thinkers seems a global happening."
- Robert Waggoner

"It's going to be amazing! This is the first time ever that lucid dreaming and OBE exploration has had such a high profile platform in the UK. I believe that lucid dreaming will be a household term within the next 2 years. We are reaching a tipping point and the Gateways of The Mind conference is going to help make this tipping point happen."
-Charlie Morley

"Gateways feels like an event for people interested in cultural exchange and learning something that can have real value to the world. And simply because Gateways is like nothing else happening right now."
- Graham Nicholls

"We are entering a new period, The Sun Of Darkness. For us darkness means what is hidden, including the dreams, so now it is time to share the knowledge about the dreaming because people will be looking for new order of consciousness"
- Sergio Magana

"Gateways of the mind conference will provide the opportunity for many people who otherwise would not hear of dream yoga to understand its importance and benefits."
- Dr Michael Katz

"To me, Gateways is the first major conference to take the discussion of altered states to a truly credible platform, something that this subject needs in order to gain attention from a more eclectic audience. The welfare of our planet is on thin ice and I for one, believe that the only way we may mend our breach with nature is to somehow re-identify our place in the Universe.
The psychoses of our species is being fueled by greed and speculation and this is something big business wants to keep us vested in. I can see Gateways reaching out to those who are being deceived by the meanderings of media to offer them another way to explore their reality.
On a personal note, I can also say that I am intrigued to hear what the variety of other speakers have to say on their said approaches and certainly, I am looking forward to meeting them personally, to exchange ideas and actions to enhance my own experiences."

- Dr Rory MacSweeney

The countdown to Gateways has begun and it's just 16 days away! So if you haven't registered yet be sure to book your place to avoid disappointment.
The one day workshop with Charlie and Robert has already sold out and the tickets for the main event are selling fast as well.

If you want to be part of something that in years to come people will look back on and say I was there when the big shift started – then you need to book your ticket now!

To find out how you can be a part of the biggest lucid dreaming event this year – follow this link –

See you there!

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Re: Something BIG is happening in Lucid London!

Postby dreamerinmiami » 20 Oct 2012 01:49

i wish so bad to be a part of this :(
What is your definition of reality?

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Re: Something BIG is happening in Lucid London!

Postby Fearghal76 » 24 Oct 2012 16:44

Hey Dreamer in Miami
Dont be too downhearted about Gateways. We would love to see you there but we realise its a long way to come, and in fact we have many peeps in the US who have said the same thing.
We are possibly planning to produce a dvd/cd with the talks on for those that cant make it.
We also have some other plans up our sleeves which we cant talk about yet but I think you might like :-)

My advice to be kept informed is to sign up to our newsletter on our website - Not only do you get to hear all of the latest stuff to do with our events and plans but there are always interviews, links and general LD content which is interesting.
Also - you may want to check out our FB page which is very active and called Gateways of the Mind. Thats growing quickly and has daily updates on many LD topics

Keep in touch and hope to see you some time soon - either on Earth or in the Astrals!

Best wishes
davyd farrell
conference director - Gateways of the Mind

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