Random twitching during WILD

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Random twitching during WILD

Postby in_wonderland » 20 Oct 2012 20:20

I've been practicing my WILD techniques several times a week. I havent succeeded yet, and I think its because once my body goes numb and I feel like I'm "floating" my finger will suddenly twitch and my eyes will open immediately. It has always been my finger and its uncontrollable. It has happened 3 times now, and it's very frustrating because I am so close! Anyone have any tips or experience with this?

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Re: Random twitching during WILD

Postby KylePK » 23 Oct 2012 08:30

This happens to me too. From what I've gathered, it seems to just be your body testing to see if you are awake. After engaging sleep paralysis, your body will do a number of things to ensure you are asleep before entering a dream state. Roll over signals is one that I know of. That uncomfortable urge to change positions in bed. Ignore it. Your body will assume that mind is asleep. I think the same goes for twitching, which my fingers, lower legs and feet do often times. As long as you keep relaxed and don't allow them to bother you, you should be that much closer to success.
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