False Awakening Madness

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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False Awakening Madness

Postby Jack Reacher » 24 Oct 2012 05:23

My lucid dreams are getting much more complicated and harder to describe, its hard to tell when the dream starts, where my body is, or how long I have been dreaming. Anyway here is some kind of recollection of the nights events.

Around 4 am I started becoming more aware in my dreams, they became more vivid and "3D", but I was not remotely aware that they were dreams. I started dipping in and out of dreams around this time as I woke up in bed, I made a rule to keep my eyes closed the entire time. While waiting to go to sleep in almost an instant the next thing I knew was that I was sitting up in bed and my legs were folded up. It was more than and image in my minds eye, it felt like I really was awake and sitting on my bed. However I simply knew that it was a dream as easily as I know that the sky is blue (dont get technical on me there!).

So while observing this strange "image" of sitting up in bed, I could feel my body lieing in bed but I couldnt get back to it, I could feel myself trying to move my arms but they were paralsyed. Here is where it got strange, as I started to move my arms and failed due to the paralysis, I had to imagine my "image arms" (lets call them astral arms for now) moving with my intended actions. So if I tried to move my arm up, I could feel it physically not being able to move (which is an extremly strange sensation) but I would imagine my astral arm moving up.

After a while of this I was able to slowly get out of bed (in the dream) and as I walked around the dream became more and more real. I stumbled around a lot as coordinating your astral legs is actually quite hard, it was like learning to walk for the first time, i was constantly leaning on stuff and stumbling around. Eventually as my confidence grew I gained full control over my body, however if I ever tried anything too complex (like running) the dream would crash and I would wake up in my real bed.

So after a few of these short dreams I just kept on getting false awakenings without returning to my body. As soon as I would have a false awakening I would know in a few seconds that its a dream, and as soon as I figured out it was a dream the dream crashed and I would wake up in another false awakening. I started to click on that they were dreams faster and faster until eventually my consciousness sort of reached an equilibrium where I didnt go into a dream or go back to my body, it just stayed in this strange void of swirling colors and shapes, unable to get into a dream or back to my real body.

At one point my false awakenings wouldnt be lucid, but I would be explaining to someone that I had had other false awakenings, and looking back now those dreams that I were describing to dream characters never actually happened, they were just false memories almost.
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Re: False Awakening Madness

Postby Peter » 24 Oct 2012 07:36

LOL - I understand that in past years I have been lucid a lot more that I thought due to the same sort of issues. I would wake up in bed and not know that I was asleep still, sit there and then close my eyes and be off into a dream once more. The repeating of the energy body (my term as its neutral) and the return to a FA is most likely due to the fact that you are deep into a dream and used to that. Going to the energy body from there and returning a few times and then to dreams and back I feel is a learning issue. If this is new to you then you may be bouncing around various states and depths of dreaming for a bit. Good work and look for the control that makes it cool and go look around some more.
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