from sleep paralysis to lucid dreaming..HOW?

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from sleep paralysis to lucid dreaming..HOW?

Postby sheeptea » 25 Oct 2012 20:39


So when I'm in sleep paralysis I'm mostly freaked out and just want to wake up. Sometimes I'm stuck for a while but when I finally manage to wake up and go back to sleep sometimes I fall back to the sleep paralysis. Which is so shitty. Is this because I'm too tired, or didn't wake up properly when I did?

My main question, how do I get from sleep paralysis into lucid dreaming? Cause when I'm in sleep paralysis it's always like, it's either THIS, or I wake up. And I always aim for waking up as I don't enjoy the sleep paralyses too much. But it is possible to turn it into lucid dreaming right? That would be class.

Please share with me your experiences and advice! I need to learn this. :geek:

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Re: from sleep paralysis to lucid dreaming..HOW?

Postby AlwaysTrying » 31 Oct 2012 03:15

Hey there, I ain't a lucid dreaming expert, but my first "lucid" dream was from a sleep paralysis. What I recommend you to do is stay calm. If you become fearful, that's when the baddies come (I guess). What I did was I just closed my eyes, told myself that I'm going to go to dream world. And you gotta really want it. But make sure your don't lose your cool. Yea, and you should either "pop" or slide into the dream world. It wasn't an OBE for me, so I don't know what to do if that's the case. Hope this helps.

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