Talking to your subconscious

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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Talking to your subconscious

Postby chipi0806 » 26 Oct 2012 20:56

I shared this one in share your lucid dream as well but thought it would fit in here too so here it goes:So last night i had i think my 5th lucid dream so far and it was probably the best one so far so here it goes:

It was me and 3 other friends and we were walking towards the party of one of the kids i was with( yes makes no sense, i know). We got there and people were ice skating on a basketball court and the usual wierd things in a dream. Then i woke up, went to eat, and fell back asleep for about 20 minutes( which is probably why it wasnt lucid for too long). Back asleep, we all left the party and walked to a nearby house. In there, i woke up but was also in the dream. Like the dream was fading but i was trying to stay in it. And so i did. Once in, i realized, man i know im dreaming now. So first, to make sure i was dreaming, i opened the door in which we entered the house through and it was just another room, not outside. So thats when i realized for sure that i was dreaming.

I went to one of my friends and said "haha im dreaming" he started laughing but in a wierd way as if he were going to hurt me. So, based on the movie Inception, i assumed he was going to hurt me so i looked straight at him and said turn into a dog. He slowly bent his body like a dog and went to the sofa. After that, i felt so powerful. So as i researched about alking to your own subconscious, i looked up and yelled "Show me something amazing", and i began to fly. I know this might not sound true but i swear it was. So i flew around and controlled where i was flying and it felt extremely cool. The only bad part was th fact that i was flying indoors so i didnt have as much freedom but it was a big enough house.

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Re: Talking to your subconscious

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