Lucid Dreams Can My Plan Work?

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Lucid Dreams Can My Plan Work?

Postby erichsa » 27 Oct 2012 19:28

I came across an article on dream incubation. I recall often great clear dream, with pointers like lost cars, trains, hotel lifts, etc… and every few days a flying dream, and also going through the day dreams. As I said those are mostly clear dreams, and a few not so clear. My problem is I don’t get lucid. Now to dream incubation. My plan is for a month to do the following: My mantra to repeat mainly while going to sleep: Lucid dreaming, or out of body! I am flying to the moon. In my thoughts I visualize getting out of bed and walk through three closed doors up a small paved path to an outlook, from the outlook a have a good view of the full moon, spread my arms and take off to fly to the moon. On the moon I have a walk about, and also look down to earth. After a while I fly back home, saying to myself. Great now remember how to it the next time. Can it work, or will experienced dreamer give me advice? I will put this in a few forums for perhaps more readers to see it. :)

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Re: Lucid Dreams Can My Plan Work?

Postby Ryan » 04 Nov 2012 01:56

What you're referring to I've heard called "priming the pump"... I think Bruce Moen uses that term.
For me, it's a sort of what I call a "mental rundown".

You're essentially creating a scenario for you to "step into".

You're just doing it more for a longterm goal, which is great!
So yes, your plan should work fine as long as you have the proper Intent behind it. :)
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