lucid dream control Q....

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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lucid dream control Q....

Postby livie12 » 26 Apr 2011 22:02

i have a question about lucid dreaming control.
almost every dream i have, i have some signal that im in a dream.


one time i was talking to Angela (from the u.s. the office show) telling her that i would like to have a discussion about lucid dreaming. i never did notice that i was dreaming.

i was running home with a friend and we got lost so i told my friend that because im dreaming i can just imagine that my house is around the corner. it was but i never noticed that this was a dream.

what are these called? and how can i convince myself that im lucid in one of these?

please help!

livie.... :?:

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Re: lucid dream control Q....

Postby Rebecca » 27 Apr 2011 01:37

I wish there was a name for this! Anyone...? It would make it much easier to explain what I'm on about :)

I know exactly what you mean though. Especially in my early years of lucid dreaming I had it on the brain so much, that my dreams would bring up the concept of lucid dreaming. But I just wasn't self-aware enough to have the trigger work properly. Its case of not thinking clearly - not having sufficient consciousness of the dream. But it's still a good sign that you're incorporating the idea of dream awareness into your life.

A most vivid example is that I once dreamed I gave an entire lecture on lucid dreaming to a bunch of students. At the end, the professor came up to me and said "Let's try some lucid dreaming now." It hit me suddenly - oh yeah, I can do it right now because I'm dreaming!

My advice would be to increase your self-awareness during the day with reality checks. If you can trigger the motion of doing a pre-determined reality check in a dream (performing something impossible like pushing your fingers through your palm) that should give you the jolt you need to become fully lucid. I also always recommend meditation as this has been linked to lucid dreaming in studies - it has a way of clearing the mind and preparing you for conscious dreams.

Good luck....
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Re: lucid dream control Q....

Postby jake » 27 Apr 2011 17:48

okay this is pretty much a way your subliminal mind gives you a hint that your dreaming. to take advantage of this simply perform a reality check every time you think talk or hear about lucid dreaming or anything in relation. ( pinch yourself, look at your hands, try to breath through your nose while you plug it up. these are all good reality checks. you should use one on top of the others in order to be safe. I suggest using all three.

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Re: lucid dream control Q....

Postby Ancient » 27 Apr 2011 23:18

When I first began lucid dreaming, I was devouring all the information I possibly could on the subject whenever I had the chance. As a direct result, my dreams often contained something about lucid dreaming, but because it was such a common activity in my waking life, I wouldn't even think to question whether I was asleep or not. It was incredibly frustrating to wake up and recall a dream in which I was explaining to friends what lucid dreaming was and how to become lucid. Eventually I started doing less reading, and my LD count began to rise.

I recommend being more aware in waking life. I don't, however, advocate reality checks as a means of being more aware. Rather, use them as a test when you notice something strange. To be more aware, simply pay more attention to the world around you and how you interact with it.
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Re: lucid dream control Q....

Postby maya » 28 Apr 2011 10:29

I like your positive attitude to these dreams Rebecca.
I've been getting them a lot, the most recent one i simply said to someone "because i know i'm dreaming.." and went on having a regular dream.. lol
i don't remember the last time i got lucid enough to remember a dream mission i had set in real life.

Don't want to put any newbies off, i'm just experiencing a lull in my lucid dreaming ability due to a medication i've been taking for the past year.
..must perservere, RC etc..

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Re: lucid dream control Q....

Postby livie12 » 30 Apr 2011 17:25

Thank you Rebecca for the advice! i have been noticing my dreams more frequently now!
this website was a great idea BTW!

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Re: lucid dream control Q....

Postby domitomi7 » 18 Sep 2011 23:40

Got lucid not once,but MANY times already.
The only problem was: I knew I was dreaming and that I could shift mouintans,
but I didnt felt like it.
Can anyone help???


Umm,Ive got to fly(for 10 meters) and breathe under water few times,and I was like:WOW!!!
But I never got to realy control it.
My world was about 30 meters(and wery known to me),but I did not felt like exploring.
I just did not felt like it.
Not like it was a wall or force field,I was just like, lazy to go out of my world bounds.
May I mention that this world was in 80% of my dreams.
once I dreamed level in battelfield:bad company I got stuck on,alongside some random robots
that I made head plans while got bored at maths few days before that.
Other than that I renember 1-2 misc. dreams where I took small contol,mostly to defend myself from nightmeares.

May I note that all these dreams were made before I heard about lucid dreaming,but i did some checks like physicks of thrown rock and such and also tried to take greater control(witch failed) I began to study that, and tried to google it, and ask my friends, but with no info found,I just started to make mental notes.
but,one day while watcing cola commercials on YouTube,I got to cola facts>common facts>dream facts>lucid dreaming.

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