NILD? Noise induced lucid dream...

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NILD? Noise induced lucid dream...

Postby Dream_Wolf » 28 Oct 2012 23:30

ive been listening to binural beats and stuff like that and i noticed a lot start with natarual sounds like rain,wind,ect. so i was thinking, if it ever rains, snows,ect, can you use the noise to induce a lucid dream? just wondering :\ .....


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Re: NILD? Noise induced lucid dream...

Postby Guitar48300 » 29 Oct 2012 00:00

Like hearing something that makes you become lucid? If so, I've been trying to do that myself. I made a recording of 2 hours of silence and at the end of the 2 hours I recorded me saying "This is a dream" and see if Id hear it while in the middle of a dream. This is played after a 30 minute binaural beats mp3 I downloaded. Unfortunately for me I keep falling asleep with headphones in and when I wake up the headphones are out of my ears.
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