WILD how close to success?

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WILD how close to success?

Postby pencil » 01 Nov 2012 17:51

Hi, i've been trying WILDs for a week now and read alot about it. Problem is: i have no idea what is heppening, if im doing fine or not even close to success.

Lying in bed trying to relax. After a while there's a prickling or stinging feeling in my feet and hands, sometimes it is spreading up to the lower parts of the arms and legs. Where in the WILD process am I when this happens and what is next step?

I never get the feeling that my body or parts of it disappears, instead the stinging prickling feeling keeps me awhere of their existence if i dont place my thoughts somewhere in my fantasies for a moment. Though sometimes it feels like my hands differently positioned of what they actually are. So again, whats next step and where in WILD process am I?

Sometimes it feels like there is a sudden wave of coldness that goes through my body and... i feel a little cold. The coldness stays for a moment and then fades out. what is this? what to do?

My body never seems to enter that sleep paralysis as i can move all the time, isnt it working?

And how more exactly does that "the-body-feels-heavy-feeling" feel like?

While trying the WILD i am thinking of places and their environment and imagining how it would feel to be there. Some times the feeling get a little extra vivid just for a second or two till i remember and realize its just an imagination and i come back to my bad again. And im still fully capable of moving and the stinging feeling is there all the time. what am i doing wrong?

I am trying to do the WILD both when going to sleep at night, on the afternoon and when i naturally wake up in the night. I am dreaming but i just fall asleep unconcuois and i never notice when i drop counciousness.

also, for whole of my life i have had lots of trubble getting asleep, it have always taken veeery long time.

Thanks for reading through and helping me :)

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Re: WILD how close to success?

Postby AngelXdv » 01 Nov 2012 20:11

Keep up,you are close. You enter the hypnagogia phase. Now you MUST NOT FOCUS ON YOUR HANDS! Or any body part that stings. Just think of the place. You will forget that you are in bed after a while. When you have that EXTRA VIVID images try to imagine your hands. That way you will place yourself in the dream. The wave of cold is just hypnagogia. Don't worry! You do just fine,but here's a little advice:at nights when you wake up from sleep try this http://www.dreamviews.com/f49/finger-induced-lucid-dream-fild-4779/ . This brought me a lucid dream on the second try! The WILD is different for every person because every brain thinks different! So just stay chill and you will do it!

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Re: WILD how close to success?

Postby pencil » 02 Nov 2012 12:26

Thanks for the advice! ;)

I didnt really understand what i was meant to do when FILDing. was i supposed to move my real fingers or imagine sitting and playing on two piano keys and trying to imagine how it would feel in my fingers and how it would sound? of what i've read earlier it's recommended NOT to move anything at all.

I acually had three lucid dreams this night and one false awakening, each blurrier than the other and all lasting for less then 20 seconds... I think one of them could have been wake-->LD rest I just realized in the dreams. So, in the dreams i did rub, clap and hold together my hands, i tried to see details but everything was like watching the world through strong glasses. Is there anything more i can do to stabilize? Should I move around or talk? Changing breathing patter?

And also... when I was trying to imagine a place i wanted to go to in the dream I got some other problems, I just had to swallow all the time and i forgot to breath... solutions? Is there any ideal position for the head? Any ideal breathing patters, fast? slow?

And agains, thank you for the help :)

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Re: WILD how close to success?

Postby dreamwalker45 » 04 Nov 2012 16:03

At some point between you lying there trying to induce the dream, and you falling asleep, you must lose focus, logically, there must be a point at which you stopped focusing on inducing the dream and just fell asleep, maybe you need to focus more or meditate before going to bed so it's easier..

Sometimes also if you try and only go to bed when you're really tired, and when you lay down, only have the intention inducing a dream it might work better for you..
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Re: WILD how close to success?

Postby AngelXdv » 08 Dec 2012 21:42

For more stabilization I suggest to shout CLARITY NOW! Something I always forget... :? But still, for stabilizing my first true lucid dream this is what I did:. Then I remember going out from my yard and into my neighbour's yard. Here I rub my hands and I say I am Lucid The World Is Vivid. Then(with the medieval guy) I begin to spin. And after the spinning I remember finding myself in the same place. Also I remember asking up in the sky if my subconcious can help me with lucid dreaming.

PS: took from my http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2420 lucid dream post.

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Re: WILD how close to success?

Postby Chaosescape » 09 Dec 2012 16:15

When ever Ive been able to have a WILD I usually just let my mind blank out. I try not to think at all (if something pops into my head I try not to focus on it. I acknowledge it and let it go) and I focus on my breathing. Usually after 10 minutes or so I can literally feel my body sink. Its like having a wave crash over me. Thats when I know ive entered the Hypnagogic state. Im not 100% sure on the time frame, but I start to see my dreamscape. I forget the term, but I start dreaming and see little clips of it. As soon as this starts to happen I repeat in my head " mind awake body asleep" around 7 or 8 times and then gradually as the dream starts to take hold I more less dive in. Once im in I usually I just go with the flow and I manipulate little things. Since Ive only just been able to WILD successfully I realized that ive I try to go inception style and just change whatever whenever I concentrate too hard and unfortunately for me I wake myself up when I do this. Anyways Your really close to getting it! Dont get discouraged I tried for a month and half before I had my first WILD, but after that it gets easier. Especially one you realize what works for you and what doesnt. Best of luck and keep dreaming !
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Re: WILD how close to success?

Postby jayjaythejetman » 09 Dec 2012 16:20

dk i have to do the WBTB technique or can i WILD befor i go to bed? For me what happened is i stay still counting my breathing. then soon my feet gets numb. i stay there for a whie and othing happens. i dont know how close i am or if i am evenclose at all. i onc stood still for 2 and a half hours.

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