Am I misunderstanding?

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Am I misunderstanding?

Postby nightflyt » 12 Jul 2011 06:19

I keep hearing on the forum that people are using binaurl beats totally different than me. The way i use binaural beats is like this. I work nights. 3 day s on 4 off then 4 days on 3 off. My sleep period is about 8am to about 3pm so when i get home and i get into bed, i plug my headphones in and listen to some binauarl beats to induce lucid dreaming. I listen to about 20min of this then try to fall asleep if i haven't already. If i am on a work day i usually don't wake up until its time to get up. Is there anything wrong with this method? I have recently tried Iso chronic tones in the same fashion. I am just Getting little confused on how to use them.

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Re: Am I misunderstanding?

Postby rdubya » 12 Jul 2011 15:34

Confused on when to use them? If you use them before you sleep it helps get your brain and mind to these states quicker. I have yet to try this, but if you wake yourself up after the delta stage, but know you still have time to sleep, perhaps you could put it back on and go to sleep. But i dont think there is any wrong way to use them, it is all about getting used to these altered states of mind and how they feel, and how to control them.

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