Can our minds predict the future?

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Can our minds predict the future?

Postby AngelXdv » 08 Nov 2012 19:42

I have 4 topics I am about to tell(rhetorical ones,I don't expect answers to them but if you want to give me an answer,no problem)
1)Can out minds predict the future? At the beginning of the year our class had 2 new students: 2 twin girls. After like 2 months of school(today) I got this dream: "I am in my classroom,facing the first places in the row. In front of me are Anne and Ema. They are sitting down. I hear their whispers clearly,though I am at a distance 'So,didn't you tell him yet?' says one of them, 'No,I didn't' said the other one(I am not sure who is who). I knew they were talking about if she told me that she likes me(one of them). Suddenly I am in front of my front door. Facing me is one of the twins. She tells me 'Liviu,come here! I think I like...' she stops and her face is all red :oops: . She changed the word 'you' with another word(not sure what word). She then goes a little fast in my warehouse. I go after her. Here I am no more seeing 1st person. It is third person and I am in PJ's while the twin is dressed normally. I go after her and I smile at her. END".
2)If out minds can't predict the future,did my subconscious hear them whispering but I didn't pay attention? And it just came to me as a memory?
3)Does my subconscious think that one of them like me and tries to give me a heads up? Is it trying to get my attention? Is it able to think separately?
4)Why was I in PJ's? Why the sudden change? Can anybody help me interpret the dream,because I am not good at that.


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Re: Can our minds predict the future?

Postby AngelXdv » 08 Nov 2012 19:42

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Re: Can our minds predict the future?

Postby HAGART » 09 Nov 2012 02:57

I think our subconscious picks up on subtle details and expressions throughout the day and is incapable of lying to us. It might be wrong, but I think that IT thinks that she likes you. And it is probably right. GO GET HER!

As for the PJ's. I think you subconsciously knew you were sleeping and it symbolizes vulnerablity. We don't feel comfortable in public in our PJ's because they are reserved for our most personal "me-time" of all: sleep. You were your true self, wearing your true clothes. Most clothes we wear in life are like a mask that hides our true selves for fear of showing our vulnerable side.

(I just made that up, but it almost sounds like I may know what I am talking about! :lol: 8-) )
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Re: Can our minds predict the future?

Postby Snaggle » 09 Nov 2012 08:45

Yes, your subconscious can seem to predict the future. It knows more than you and perceives more than you and likes to run simulations.

It could be telling you one one them likes you or just indulging your wish that one of them does- man up and flirt with them and find out.
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Re: Can our minds predict the future?

Postby James » 12 Nov 2012 00:18

They can't so called predict the future, but rather I guess weigh up the probability of things and use that to guess what will happen. Think about how often you dream about real life situations, up to even 5 times a day. In theory it isn't extermely rare for just one of those dreams to give you a "this has happened before feeling"

But meh thats just a mathsy way of looking at it, I'm a bit of a geek :3

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Re: Can our minds predict the future?

Postby Jenn0607 » 26 Nov 2012 02:35

Though I'm new to lucid dreaming, I'm not very new to this topic. I believe that certain people can predict the future through dreams. Though I've never ( i think) become lucid as a child, I would either have weird dreams that didn't make sense, or ones that looked almost real, but places and faces I didn't recognise. Years later, I would do the action and be in the place that was in my dream, and get MASIVE de ja vu. Somtimes I'd do the action just to make sure my dream came true. This has happened on many occasions, in places i'd never been before.

So in short, yes, dreams can predict the future.
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