My renewed interest in Sleep Paralysis

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Black Widow
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My renewed interest in Sleep Paralysis

Postby Black Widow » 09 Nov 2012 05:17

Firstly, I had a debate with my sister on whether or not the Devil, God, and Christianity is legitimate. I am an Atheist, and she's a Christian. She didn't give any conforming proof, but one thing she said struck me as interesting because I too experience a similar phenomena.

So on to the story, she told me that she woke up and she was in a state of sleep paralysis. Soon she saw two dark hooded men grabbing her then dogs barking at her, and she wakes up. But that's not all, after some time her landlord (she was renting a room in the house) claimed that she was listening to music and it abruptly cut off then she heard dogs barking in the house .. but neither my sister or the landlord had any dogs.

I can think of scientific explanations for this, such as the dark hooded men being hallucinations induced by still being in a dream state and the dogs barking coming from outside. The dogs could have been barking outside and the landlord's music cutting off could have been a mere coincidence, but an interesting one at that. :geek:

Lastly, ever since I started taking 175 ~ 200mg of Diphenhydramine I get sleep paralysis when I wake up. :|

To explain it to you, it feels like I wake up extremely tired and I fall asleep within seconds and I keep drifting between consciousness and the dream/sleep paralysis state.

It started happening again and with a vengeance one day ago, I felt as if a presence was there in my room; of course I felt extreme terror as a result of being paralyzed and awake, but I also felt like someone was applying pressure to my left butt cheek. Weird right? Then I woke up, too afraid to go back to sleep although tired from drowning myself in pills..

Now onto today, I woke up and closed my eyes and almost immediately it felt I was dreaming but while still being awake and I started to dream about my sister and she started writing down something scary on a piece of paper with a bronze age old ink pen in red writing then I immediately transferred to the sleep paralysis state.. and I kept drifting in and out of sleep paralysis states. I was almost afraid to sleep but I was too tired to care :p. It all feels like a dream afterwards too, even the parts where I'm awake... hmm.

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Re: My renewed interest in Sleep Paralysis

Postby masterin » 28 Nov 2012 06:13

Is it weird that I'm posting at roughly the same hour? :D

I just had a lucid dream that I couldn't wake up from, I can't tell if I was in the state of sleep paralysis or just dreamt of it, but the tell tell signs were there: inability to move, short breath, a doom sensation, feeling like somebody is staring at me or sitting on my bed... hate it.

The thing that kept me dreaming was the fact that each time I tried to wake up and see if there was somebody behind me I saw that I did that and went back to sleep... but that was just another part of the dream!
I tried slapping myself and felt it, I drunk some coke from a near bed bottle and was scared that if I am still dreaming I'm going to choke on it or smth (but didn't feel the bubbles) :D I even stood up and went into the other room just to find there was a glossy black cube with strange symbols on it floating in the middle of the room. :P

When I finally woke up I didn't have sleep paralysis and I was on a different side then in the dream, I was immediately overwhelmed with a sensation that I must go back to sleep but I fought it off and stood up. I was watching Dexter and packing a 6 hours sleep deficit going in, but I didn't find religion in the process. 8-)


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