What is this dream about?

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What is this dream about?

Postby Inception » 09 Nov 2012 17:44

Hey guys I know quite a lot about LD and the methods etc such as WBTB using isochronic tones etc but I never really tried it yet. Anyway I was watching this youtube video yesterday before I went to sleep called mind over matter it was about PK and physic ability and recently I have been taking a few melatonin supplements to aid sleep and have been having vivid dreams I can remember. I fell asleep and near the end of my sleep I had a dream about a text I got from someone who I did not want to get a text from because of some reasons and the dream sort of had me lucid as in I was thinking at the same time trying to think who is this person because the recipient name was just coming as 'FU' as in 'fuck you' lol in the dream. Anyway I keep my phone right next to me pillow near my head and I woke up from that dream really thinking where did this text come from and usually I never get any text and espically not from this person for sooo long and well basically there was the text I was worrying about getting. This has really got me thinking what is going on because it can not be 'luck or chance' The dream was making me think and feel uncomfortable with real feelings and it woke me to check my phone. :?

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Re: What is this dream about?

Postby taniaaust1 » 10 Feb 2013 10:01

I would of taken that as a normal dream rather then a LD one.. or were you actually aware while having it that you were dreaming?

just cause a dream is vivid... it dont mean its a LD.
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