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Postby Dream_Wolf » 10 Nov 2012 01:16

well one morning, i woke up at 4h00 and i ended up going to sleep, a non lucid one and in my nightmare, i managed to wake up and when i was awake, i wasn't fully in sleep parilysis, but i was panicing a bit (idk y tho) and all of a sudden i see a nightmarish creature come through the ceiling in front of my clock and i was freaknig out even more so i woke up the parts that were in parylisis and that thing went away. i know that when you are in parilysiss, you can see things, but i wasn't fully in parylisis, so what happened?

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Re: natural?

Postby Snaggle » 10 Nov 2012 07:56

You did not really wake up the first time, but had a false awakening. REM muscle atonia is an all or none, so your partial SP was part of a dream and so was your monster. REM muscle atonia works by releasing a chemical that flows down your nervous system, so if you're experiencing partial SP it's definitely a dream. I need to point out that I think all SP is a dream state, though if it were real and you experienced the monster it would be SP combined with an old hag experience.
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Re: natural?

Postby HAGART » 11 Nov 2012 02:56

I've seen weird and scary things during this state, but wondered if it was TRUE sleep paralysis or just a lucid-false-awakening-nightmare. Because although I found it extremely difficult to move, I eventually could. Sometimes just an arm only. And If/When I could stand up I would stagger to my bedroom door as if drunk, feeling a strong desire to collapse to the ground and even once felt as though a large elastic band was stuck to my back attaching me to my bed. It was like my body was saying, "lay down and go back to sleep." Every fiber of my 'dream body' was saying that. But as soon as I left the 'room', I was suddenly free and able to roam freely and lucidly. And they were always more vivid than other lucid dreams with a sense of having a body.

My theory is that I was almost awake and could sense, or was at least aware of, my physical body, but was still in a lucid dream state. So it is a weird sensation for the mind to handle. But after time, like anything else, I got use to it and seldom get it anymore. Or If I feel one coming on, I just think happy thoughts and ignore it.
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