This may be a lucid dream?

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This may be a lucid dream?

Postby beremaran » 11 Nov 2012 12:55

As I said in my "Hi" topic, the last night I slept with isochronic tones(to help lucid dreaming). But I don't remember any dream. When I woke up, I memorize the WILD technique. I already relaxed, so while I'm trying to sleep, I gave myself some directions like "I'll see a lucid dream, I'll remember" and after 10-15 seconds I felt too light, I didn't feel the bed and my eyes were not aching anymore but everywhere is black. I thought as "Yeah, I success!" and I woke up directly.

I have two questions about that case.

1) Perhaps my first waking up is a lucid dream like false awakeining?

2) Did I see a lucid dream? (or am I close?)

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Re: This may be a lucid dream?

Postby R99 » 11 Nov 2012 18:10

dont think thats a false awakening, but u r close. keep up the good work, u will succeed.
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