Why did she do it?

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Why did she do it?

Postby James » 11 Nov 2012 22:33

Well, this morning I was having a non lucid dream where I was on skype with 2 random guys, I was showing them something on my screen with screenshare when a girl from my school called me, who sits next to me in english. I answer her call but somehow my old call stays open too with the screenshare on, so they can see me and *thinks of code name* Lucy talking but can only hear me. Me and Lucy talk for a while when she said that she needs to get changed, is about to end the call, but says to hell with it and just (sorry for being a little graphic) gets topless right in front of me leaving me a bit shell shocked, does a little sexy dance and puts on her pj while the 2 other guys are laughing their heads off saying how'd you get her to do that, so I end that call. Lucy said how do you like that? I say a lot but for some odd reason the conversation just goes normal, and shortly after the dream goes fuzzy and I wake up.
So that's the dream which has been on my mind all day but I'm not sure what it all means.
In real life I see her as a friend, although she is gorgeous but never anything, well, sexual..
Also why the conversation just went back to normal things even after she just stripped for me I guess you could call it XD

- A very confused James

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Re: Why did she do it?

Postby Lucid Dreamer » 17 Dec 2012 02:49

there could be two reasons here. the most immediate one, that you have inner feelings for her or think shes sexy and just dont know it.

the second reason could be showing how close you guys are as friends. that you are comfortable with each other. she wasnt seducing you by taking her shirt off, she was being playful and jokey. I think this showed that you guys have fun together and trust each other. (if you guys are friends at all)
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