a short LD, after a long time.

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a short LD, after a long time.

Postby R99 » 13 Nov 2012 04:49

so friends, i got another LD this morning, its a short one,but its a wonderful experience that never happened in my LD. it was a long non-lucid dream then i somehow become lucid. after stabilizing LD am standing in middle of a huge ground nothing in it. then i remembered about my intention and i put out an experiment. i asked the dream that show me something amazing.( never done it before) suddenly the ground in front of me started to moving, its like a camera technique like zoom out. now i cannot see the end of the ground anymore its out of my reach. then the ground began to become a valley it was very quick change. it densely populated with plants and trees. it was a clear sky then its filled with pure white cloud that moving slowly by touching top of mountain.

after some moments i again asked the dream to show me something terrifying,----thats it dream began to collapse, i think i starred at the valley too much. my bad. not gonna happen next time, i guzz. :|
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Re: a short LD, after a long time.

Postby Xyyzzz » 24 Nov 2012 03:39

If you feel as if your dream is fading away, I suggest you demand your mind to give yourself clarity. Demand it, not ask for it. Say it like you don't want anything else, and set your intention to that as well.

I stabilize my dream by staring at my hands and seeing the detailed structure of them, re-assuring myself that no matter how vivid this can get, it's all just a dream. Doing some reality checks works wonders as well.

Remember to not lose awareness in your dream. Keep yourself focused and always have it echoing in your brain that you're in full control.

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