LD "tests"

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LD "tests"

Postby CocheCorazon » 16 Nov 2012 03:27

Thank you for this site. I can see spending a LOT of time here.

(1) If I suspect that I MAY be lucid dreaming, my primary "test" is to look at my hands. Previously, it was a matter of counting my fingers; i.e., if I saw more than 5 (I've counted up to 11), it's pretty clear I'm lucid dreaming. Lately, however, it's more a matter of the SHAPE of the fingers. If they are deformed or if some of them are truncated, that's the test, and I can get on with my adventure.

(2) Find a mirror in your dream and look into it. If the reflection is clearly NOT you, you probably have passed the test and may proceed.

Any similar tests you know of?

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Re: LD "tests"

Postby lumencryster » 16 Nov 2012 03:59

maybe not similar tests, but what normally triggers me to become lucid usually is just the thought of whether i'm dreaming or not. whether i feel that in itself is what my "reality check" is. i also try to meditate, if i its like i'm a master of meditation, i know i'm dreaming.

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Re: LD "tests"

Postby scorpia13 » 17 Nov 2012 04:49

Pinching your nose and seeing if you can breathe or not seems to help quite a lot.
Apparently, looking at your hands and counting can sometimes fail, but you can always breathe no matter what you do in a lucid dream.
You may have read this before, trying to read or check the time twice can let you know whether you are dreaming or not - if the book or the clock says one thing the first time you look at it, and says something completely different thing the second time, is a clear sign of a dream.
You could also try saying something out loud. e.g. "I want new shoes!". If you do get new shoes, you are dreaming.
I hope that helped!
P.S. Just remember to do reality checks in waking life too, so you are used to the feeling, as the reality check, may, for some people, seem normal in a dream.

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