Hi... I'm new here and would please like some help? :)

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Hi... I'm new here and would please like some help? :)

Postby annehhh » 20 Nov 2012 15:52

Hi! I'm Annie. I'm 20 years old. I've never been on this forum, so please be patient with me.
My lucid dreaming started about two months ago. I'll start by saying that I know most people try to lucid dream, but I don't. I didn't even know about it until I looked it up after a few times of doing it myself. At first it terrified me as I didn't know what was happening to me. It still scares me sometimes. I've been told by a friend that when I'm in the dream, I should go with it, and see where it takes me. Sometimes I get scared though, and try to wake myself up - I throw myself into things and just end up 'waking' up back in my bed. Sometimes I can 're-wake' 10 up to 10 times. Every dream I've had has started, or I've been contained to my bed. When I try to escape the dream, and wake up for real, my ears get completely muffled and my chest hurts - and I get this feeling that I'm dying. When this happens all I can think is that my partner is going to find me dead! I was wondering if anyone else gets this feeling? If this is what my friend tells me, a spiritual connection, out of body experience, am I getting too close to another spiritual plain?
Anyway. My main question is - WHY AM I HAVING THEM? I'm not complaining. I am just a little scared. I just want to know - is there something medically wrong with me? Or am I connecting with something spiritual - and why has it just started happening now? I have the dreams about 2 times a week. Also, when I have finally woken up, I sometimes hallucinate. 3 times I have seen words floating around in a square, once I saw red circles (like the ones on no smoking, no entry etc) floating around my room (this was my first one, I jumped up and looked outside, I thought someone was shining them into my house from outside!!), and the last time, two days ago, I saw the square text, and also faces. Lots and lots of changing faces. Then I saw mine, and I was just staring at myself. Then there was more faces. I was just lay in my bed watching them.

Does anyone have any theories as to why am I lucid dreaming without trying, and then hallucinating when I wake up? Also, does anyone have any tips on how I can be less scared when I am there? Thank you so much for listening to me.

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Re: Hi... I'm new here and would please like some help? :)

Postby torakrubik » 20 Nov 2012 22:20

Hi Annie,

Sounds to me like you're just naturally gifted at lucid dreaming. The multiple waking ups you mentioned are probably false awakenings, and the muffled feeling when you wake up is probably sleep paralysis. This would also explain your hallucinations. I don't see any reason to be worried, this is perfectly normal! As for being less scared, next time you find yourself lucid, do something positive in your dream - assert your control over your dream.
I'd recommend having a look through the articles on this site, particularly the sleep paralysis and false awakenings, to better arm yourself with what you are experiencing.
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Re: Hi... I'm new here and would please like some help? :)

Postby Shade » 28 Nov 2012 04:42

Utilise your Lucids instead of finding them scary

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