My first time actually doing this!!!

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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My first time actually doing this!!!

Postby LCDAnthony » 22 Nov 2012 17:27

In my dream last night I accomplished things I've never done in my normal dreams. (I've never lucid dreamed). But in my dream last night... I actually tasted things like different types of beef jerky and types of pies (I actually remember the taste too!) And I felt things around the store. I felt leather, rubber, plastic etc.

My Dream: In my dream I went to this store that was built in the style of a supreme court with roman pillars and dark windows. I parked my Ford Explorer (I don't really like those) and I had to pay to get in the store because they close. So once inside I tried on cloths. I put black snow pants on, leather jacket, snow boots, and a Russian Orthodox hat. (This is similar to what I wear in the snow). I remember looking at the Hat and there was this symbol on it, it wasn't a hammer and sickle, something way different. Then I went to the cashier lady who had dark brown hair and a very white smile. And she said to me and this guy next to her, "Hey look at him! 6'1 and he plays lacrosse!" And the guy next to her seemed jealous but tried appearing nice. So I then walked around past the fishing section, biking section, all sorts of recreational things. Then I went to go back and buy the cloths, I put everything back except the snow pants. (This is where I looked down at my self for the first time... This is big to me because I always look forward and not down in dreams) And then my Mom comes to pick us up and on the way out we tried a bunch of food like Beef Jerky, Pies, and even at the end these lil' pizza role type things and I even remember the way those tasted. They weren't very hot and they were less sweet than the actual ones. The beef jerky was like a boring taste almost no taste at all! And once we were in the car my mom said "You guys are now girls! You're not 2 C cups over an A cup!" (That doesn't make since to me) And so I looked down to find my self wearing all the cloths I tried and on and I had boobs! I was upset and I think I realized I was dreaming because things seem to kind of light up but I woke up before I realized anything.

Last night I tried the WBTB method. I have to say... that's an effective technique! I've never had a dream where I look down at myself and I never tried foods, or never tried touching things and know what they felt like! I must say... I'm impressed with the WBTB technqiue.

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