Hello Fellow Lucid Dreamers

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Hello Fellow Lucid Dreamers

Postby Jmac1982 » 24 Nov 2012 18:10

Wanted to introduce myself and ask a quick questions. My name is Josh and I just signed up here today. I just heard about lucid dreaming about 1 1/2 years ago. The idea blew my mind and I started researching everything I possibly could about it and how to achieve this state. I read the average person takes about a month after they start practicing to lucid dream but it only took me 4 days to achieve my first very intense lucid dream. However when I awoke from the dream I had a "buzz" or "strange feeling" that stuck with me for about 3 hours. The feeling really messed with my anxiety (which iv battled for 12 years now)! So I immediately stopped trying to lucid dream and havnt had one since. Now over a year later Im wanting to start lucid dreaming again but its been over a week and still no lucid dream :( I know its silly to get discouraged so fast knowing I can achieve the state but I am. The only thing I'm doing differently this time is not keeping a dream journal. Could this be whats keeping me back? I havent even really been remembering my dreams until last night when I awoke out of 2 and layed there trying to remember as much as I could about the dream. I just didnt write it down. So I guess what i'm wanting to really know is... do I need to be writing down all the details of my dream because it would take me forever each morning to do this or can I just lay there and visualize my dream remembering as much as possible

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Re: Hello Fellow Lucid Dreamers

Postby erichsa » 24 Nov 2012 19:17

Just a quick reply,

yes you should keep a dream book, it will over time be a great help in understanding your dreams. with time you should again get into lucid dreaming. You are at a great site which offers a lot of help at our forums.
Good Luck :)

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Re: Hello Fellow Lucid Dreamers

Postby Xyyzzz » 24 Nov 2012 23:09

No matter what, it's always better to have a dream journal. Before going to sleep, I read a random dream of mine, usually something I remembered clearly, and then visualize it. Then, in bed, I try t have a WILD. It helps because I can visualize more vividly after reaching a hypnagogic state.

As for your strange feeling, it probably isn't linked with lucid dreaming. It's been a year since it happened, so it may have been gone overtime.

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