Talking to dream characters

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Talking to dream characters

Postby LucidLeon » 26 Nov 2012 14:41

So, the past week has been really weird (but exciting) to me, as I've been lucid dreaming almost every night, and tonight was no different. I had decided before I went to sleep that I'd like to explore my dream world more, but more importantly, speaking to some of my dream characters.

I don't remember exactly how I became lucid but suddenly I was and I was looking around for some people to talk to. I saw a door, and I thought "okay, I'll just imagine the landscape of a video game on the other side and see what happens!"
It didn't really work out but I traveled to another dreamscape at least, it was a busy city and it was night. I went into a building and talked to a young, blonde woman that worked at a daycare, I don't remember much of what she said except when I asked her about what she thought about good and evil, and she answered that the worst thing anyone could do was to rape someone...
I went out of the building and walked for a while, and I started talking to a random dream character. He turned around and he was really tall, easily over 7'6'', and he looked quite strong. When he saw me he immideately said "Hair sucks, muscles rock" (I'm a teenage girl and I often dye my hair in crazy colours) and I was surprised, but he smiled at me and it became clear that he was just joking around. I asked him if I could talk to him, and he said that he was just getting some lunch at a nearby fast food restaurant, and I asked if I could join him, and he said yes.

However, I woke up in my bed after that but I realised it was a false awakening. I got out of bed and out in the hallway. I tried to imagine a beach landscape outside my front door, and when I opened the door there was a beach, although the street was still there. A middle aged hispanic-looking man came walking down the street and he was pushing a carriage filled with flowers in front of him. He placed a pot full of red flowers by my house. I greeted him and asked him why he had placed the flowers there, but he didn't answer. He looked at me and started mumbling about me going to the sea (by this time the beach had disappeared and my street looked almost like usual, but it was greener than usual and there were lots of plants everywhere) and he said it would be dangerous, I think he said that a storm would come. He gave me three different kinds of red flowers, and a bunch of sticks. He said those would protect me from the storm, but I also needed two dogs. He said one of them would wait for me by the sea, and that I already had one of them inside my dress (weird, I know...)
After that we walked down the street and I tried talking to him some more but he was very unresponsive. I woke up shortly after that.


So yeah, I'm not sure of the meaning of the things they said, but I thought it'd be a fun read! :)

Feel free to share your own experiences when it comes to talking to dream characters!

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