Are there outside influences present in lucid dreams?

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Are there outside influences present in lucid dreams?

Postby Dreamsurfer » 27 Nov 2012 23:37

My experiences with lucid dreams have been ongoing since the age of 18. It was associated with paralysis and sense someone was in the room with me.
Since then I have had from time to time uncontrolled and unplanned lucid dreams and each stranger then the next. I seem to auto-project to a strange and foreign place where sometimes I am surrounded by others and some odd characters. These dreams are so real and vivid that once fully awaken I swear the experience actually happened. I have 100% recall or believe I do and for some time afterwards.

Here are a few notable observations regarding my lucid dreams:

They come on unprovocted, usually while in a deep sleep

Almost always it starts when I am startled enough to be woken by a base rumbling noise and pressure felt in my ears and/or crackling noise like an electric current is in the air just enough to wake me up, sit up or at least open my eyes, look around the room, see nothing and fall back asleep.

Almost always someone/s unfamiliar communicates with me as though I am a student and class is in session.

The surrounding is always alien to me and I feel these beings are not from around here most of the time or from another deminsion.

I feel myself being pulled into these dreams, sometimes I wake up to avoid them and sometimes I am curious to see where the dream takes me.

Once I was projected on a strange little planet with 3 beings there all of us facing each other in a circle. Two of the beings were very tall and formidable, very intimidating. I sensed they did not want me there and were looking down on me with a face of distain as though I was not worthy of being in this "meeting". The 3rd being was altogether different. He (I assumed it be be male) was very short about 3 feet in height, round, white almost glowing and very animated. He was talking to me, holding my leg begging for me to stay. I was convinced however, by the glare of the 2 giants to leave and that I did. I just slowly faded away and then rushed through a tunnel as in a sort of worm hole back into my room and immediatley woke up in a mild panic.
Crazy dream, eh? I must admit it has made a lasting impression on me and I do remember a couple additional details that are little weird like the way the little guy moved and felt as he was holding onto my leg and the possible biological makeup of the taller beings.

Another dream takes place as I find myself in what I think is a shopping mall of some kind. I soon realize it is more than that. There are hundreds of people and strange looking beings walking with a brisk, deliberate manner as though they were trying to catch a train to their destination. I was in something that could described as Grand Central Station for the univeral traveler. Isn't that a stretch?
I was in awe of my surroundings and felt out of place, but also in some way as though I was supposed to be there. Walking in front of me and coming toward me was two giants standing maybe, 9 ft. They seemed very young and had big smiles on their faces. They were quite thin and pretty normal other than thart. . They recognized me immedaitley and greeted me with like I was a great friend they havn't seen in years. One asked where I was heading. I acted silly I suppose being taken off gaurd and they appeared put off by my behavior and kept on walking. I felt embarrassed and decided to get out of there then woke up.

I have had so many of these type of dreams it seems ludicrous to take any of them, seriously.

Thanks to all who had the patience to read this.


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