Scary psychical dreaming.. Help .

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Scary psychical dreaming.. Help .

Postby Twitz_Twin98 » 28 Nov 2012 07:53

today I took a nap and had a weird dream.. I don't even know what it was.
I was laying on my side facing the wall, and my light was on. I started to doze off, and then i opened my eyes. there was a shadow on the wall, and it felt like my left leg was being lifted upwards. I couldnt put it back down or move, or even move my head up to see what was going on. I got this weird tingly feeling on the side i was laying on, as if my whole core was being pulled to the middle of the earth.
I finally snapped out of it, and i was freaking out a bit. Then i got really dizzy, and i couldnt keep my eyes open, and i fell back down and passed out again, this time i was laying on my left side with my back to the wall.
This time, i was in a dark place. it was a field cut off by huge fences. there was a creek going around a small hill that i was on with a wooden bridge connecting to another field, and on the left side of me there was a dark, eerie, and gloomy forest. i was at a payphone by an old abandoned shack. my dad, i think, and a dog were on the other side of the bridge. then all of a sudden this huge white dog appeared. he knocked me to the ground, and i couldnt move it off me. i started clawing and ripping at its stomach, and i FELT the coolness and the stickiness of the blood on me. i was screaming for someone to help me, and my dad, i think, appeared, and put the dog on a leash and pulled it off me. i rushed to the creek and tried to get the blood off me, but i fell into the black water. i woke up at that moment, but i was "stuck" to my bed. i was all tingly, and half my body, the half that i was laying on, was cold. i felt like i was laying in water, and my nose was filled with it, and i couldnt really breathe. i was trying to call for help but i couldnt find my voice, or move, and i couldnt lift my head out of the "water". i finally was able to, but it was really really hard to move out of "it."
i went on facebook, and i couldnt even type properly i was so messed up. then i felt the same feeling as before when i passed out the second time, and i dozed off again.
this time, i walked out of a brown rocky cave. the grass was a beautiful green, and there was a salty ocean breeze. i looked around and there was a man standing to my right. he smiled at me. he was slightly tanned, stood at about 6'2-6'4, he had dark brown hair that stuck up a bit in the front, and he looked about 21-23. he wore a black t-shirt and faded, dirty and worn jeans tucked into his black and worn doc martins.
we started talking, and he came over and we were cuddling in the green grass. I literally felt his warmth, and his heartbeat, and i remember what his voice sounded like. he said his name was Andrew. then he started convulsing, and he was spitting out foam. his head bubbled and inflated and deflated, and boils appeared and disappeared on his arms and face. i started crying and i didnt know what to do. then i reached in my pocket, and there were 3 amber coloured stones with a sort of red tint. I put them in my hand and pressed them to his chest and tried healing him. suddenly the convulsing and boils stopped. he smiled at me drowsily, sat up, spat, and thanked me. he brushed my hair back from my face and kissed my cheek, then he said that i was the only one who could heal him. before i woke up he told me to come back again.
My cheek was slightly warm where he kissed it, and when i tried to force myself into the same landscape when i tried to see him again, i didnt dream or anything.
I dont know what this means, if it means anything at all.
before i used to have dreams where someone was leaving me in a haze and i would wake up panting and crying and terrified. once in awhile ill doze off and get "stuck", as if my core was being pulled out of me.
I'm getting really freaked out. i want to help this man. But i don't know anything, i dont know what it means...
Please help me :/

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Re: Scary psychical dreaming.. Help .

Postby HAGART » 01 Dec 2012 06:11

I get that sometimes... nothing like what you describe because it is different for everybody, but similar and that halfway-dream-physical state is familiar to me.

I sometimes float, sink, feel water on me, feel like there are two of me!, sense an evil presence, see a shadowy figure and wrestle with it, can barely move or walk, feel EXTREMELY TIRED or wake up somewhere unknown (false awakening)... It is truly bizarre when it happens and I believe I may have had a similar experience on more than one occasion and probably will again.

I can only describe it as almost asleep, but for some reason the physical body is sending your brain all sorts of weird sensations because the body hasn't 'gone to sleep yet'.

Twitz_Twin98 wrote:I started to doze off, and then i opened my eyes. there was a shadow on the wall, and it felt like my left leg was being lifted upwards.
I think you were already asleep and didn't realize it and that is probably what triggered the whole thing. I've heard that sleep paralysis type symptoms like this can happen when someone is extremely tired and fall asleep way too fast before your body relaxes into muscle atonia, (or basically the mechanism that paralyzes your body so you don't act out your dreams.)

This state however can lead to some extremely vivid and solid lucid dreams that feel very real as if your body is there in it with you! So it can be a good thing.... but always weird.....
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