Salsa Dancing

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Salsa Dancing

Postby Summerlander » 29 Nov 2012 19:08


Planned method: deferred direct
Bedtime: 8.15pm
Awakening: 10.40pm
Return to bed: 12.40am
Attempt: successful
Phase experience: "Salsa Dancing"

On this day I had decided to try a different approach in preparing myself to enter the phase. I had gone to bed at 8.15pm and roused from sleep, to my surprise, at 10.40pm. After having slept for almost two and a half hours, I spoke to my mother on the phone and returned to bed when it was nearly one. I was able to reach a free-floating state of mind, and, having caught an awakening without movement and hearing the sounds of dreamland, I got out of bed using my subtle body. Vision was sharp and the phase was deep.

To ensure that my conscious experience was in the phase state, I pushed two fingers into the wall nearby. This reality check would prove to be quite reliable in the phase re-entries to come following fouls. I stepped into the hallway and vision started to fade. I palpated my body, did a brief spin like a dervish and also managed a slow-motion somersault in midair. This seemed to activate my vestibular sense. The environment remained the same in structure but its light was intensified. I went through the hallway mirror with a desire to encounter my phase workshop but a magenta pink room was found instead. I decided to push its walls further apart, magically expanding the room, until it turned into a hall. I found that the hall looked more like my imaginary workshop but there were no doors to lead to the various purposeful rooms I had in mind. I fouled.

Voices were heard and I simply got up while emphasising my phantom sensations. I separated from my physical body stencil and made my way out of the bedroom to enter the mirror again. This time, inside the mirror, I encountered a dark room. I looked back and saw that the mirror was showing the hallway and my bedroom doorway like a clear display of the abode-world I had just left behind. I started knocking the room walls down and noticed that other upright walls emerged almost immediately in a fashion that is hard to describe.

I was again enlarging the mirror-room, although in a slightly different way. Where I previously pushed walls in order to buy more room space, I was now knocking them over, and, where the top of them was about to land was where a new one began to rise in a ghostly state and materialise further. My actions, although slightly frantic, were quite easy and seemed to have the galvanic effect of brightening the room. Suddenly, human hands started protruding from the brick walls and some of them found their way towards me. Even more striking was the sensation of being gripped by them and having to wrestle my way to freedom. During the struggle, I felt the need to tell myself that the hands could not harm me because “I’m in a dream”.

I found a door next to a gloomy corner of the room-turned-hall to the right of the mirror-entrance. I opened the door and found a curved corridor. I followed it round and arrived at a large bathroom containing a luxurious pool-sized bathtub. I’m mesmerised by this new environment. I could hear water running and saw that the bath taps were on. I turned them off lest the water overflowed. I admired the bath and thought about what a lovely jacuzzi it would make. The water stirred a little. I began to observe other bathroom features and slackened in action. It didn’t even occur to me to continue with my plan of action. Conscious awareness withered as I allowed myself to get distracted by the features and get lost in thought. I ended up falling into an ordinary dream. Lucidity, however, was absent only for a short while (as far as perception goes).

I was suddenly in Canning Town, where my mother lives, and my deceased stepfather Sergio handed me a hammer so that the two of us could kill someone I understood to be very bad. As me and Sergio travelled together through the streets of Canning Town, I realised that he is no longer alive and attained dream consciousness. Now lucid, there was no hesitation in abandoning the dream plot that had been unfurling. I indulged in flying over the nightscape, and, upon landing on a patch of grass, a foul occurred.

I managed to re-enter the phase a little blind. Deepening techniques helped me to heighten the main senses. My house replica displayed hyperrealistic qualities. I went through the mirror expecting to find the phase workshop this time. Instead, there was a semi-dark hall inside the mirror where strangers appeared to be socialising. I felt that perhaps I hadn’t been confident enough in my wish but also considered that the presence of a hall in the phase could be a step in the right direction. Still, I didn’t want to waste any more time on that step of my plan of action. I continued onwards to pass through the wall that would have logically concealed the back garden in reality but ended up landing in a countryside environment.

The scenery reminded me of Luxembourg (I have family living there) and there appeared to be a guild of some sort before me. I noticed a gathering of suited men in front of a barrack and made my way towards them. The summery weather coloured and brightened everything around me and I was eager to explore. I entered the barrack and saw a few people banqueting. The room was sombre so I parted the curtains of a window nearby to let some sunshine through. I proceeded to touch intricate ornamentation around the room in order to maintain the phase. There was a red globe twice the size of a basketball under a table and partly concealed by cloth. It looked like it was made of marble but felt like rubber to the touch. I picked up the globe and hurled it across the room to watch it bounce about and knock into several objects. The shattering of ornaments was heard to my amusement. Laughter from two men standing near the doorway followed and I felt that I had suddenly become the entertainment for the banqueters. One of the men remarked: “He’s having fun!” A foul ensued.

Once again, I managed a re-entry by amplifying the sound of voices in my head and getting up almost immediately. The bedroom interior was clear and my mother and wife were sitting on the edge of the bed and having a conversation. I was perfectly aware of the fact that my mother was at her house on the other side of London in reality. The absurdity of her being in my bedroom and conversing with Stacey, without either of them batting an eyelid at my rousing from sleep, was proof enough that I was in the phase. I heard my mother telling Stacey all about how disrespectful my eldest sister had been to her - which happens to be the case in waking life. I passed through one of the bedroom windows and landed on an outdoor environment incongruous with the one in actuality.

Under an enticing night sky, I saw Jenny (a friend) standing on a marble floor in front of a sitting audience. Later, in the waking state, I would associate Jenny’s appearance in the phase with the vision where my mother talked to my wife about my sister, because, as I have often said in waking life, Jenny reminds me of my sister. Although I did not speculate about this whilst in the phase state, one scene might have served as a schema for the next during a period where a plan of action wasn’t being implemented. Salsa music seemed to come from hidden loudspeakers. Jenny turned and smiled at me. She was wearing a glittery black dress, high heels, and wavy brown hair. She greeted me warmly before we started dancing together. This Jenny that I danced with was slender and looked slightly younger than the real one - like she never had kids. I was progressively getting better at salsa dancing and in a matter of seconds I felt like a pro.

I wondered how I could suddenly be an excellent salsa dancer when in reality I have been hopeless. In the phase, I commented to myself that I should test the possibility of having really become a great salsa dancer from the current experience. I lot more practice than what I was getting should be required for one to excel at anything and yet I felt like I was already the bee’s knees! There was definitely a profound sense of confidence there, too. Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise me since the phase state provides access to unconscious information, and, having watched many salsa dancers in my lifetime I should subconsciously have what it takes to be outstanding. The style and eloquence with which I danced wowed the audience. I was acrobatically spinning and swinging a featherlight Jenny and having fun with it. I was living the skilled movements and experiencing the flawless motor coordination as I absorbed the music in great satisfaction and felt that I was killing two birds with one stone by learning something with myself and maintaining a hyperrealistic dream world.

Gradually, I fell into a confusing afterglow dream where I took everything as having literally happened and the glory was all mine in front of the crowd. Another return to the physical body ensued. Whilst lying in bed, I heard motorcycles and the roaring of engines. A mixed-race biker was seen riding and doing a wheelie in our close when I peeped through my bedroom window. Then, a gang of kids came out of the next-door neighbour’s and a riot broke out. I noticed someone being dragged out of a white van and being pummelled to the ground. Suddenly, I saw that several yobs were sitting on the roof of the storage room located by the entrance to my house. Subsequently and out of the blue, more yobs emerged and sat on the external window ledges of my house - something that would be impossible to do in reality. One of the hoodlums started to peep inside my bedroom and I ordered them to get down immediately before I gave them trouble. They ignored me and attempted to break in.

At this point, I started pushing them off the windows in a rage. Outside, everything appeared to be higher than usual and I became suspicious about my state of mind. I began to realise how unusual the events that unfolded were and eventually concluded that I was in a terrible false awakening. Now consciously aware of my situation, I passed through one of the windows to fall upon a scuffling crowd. The desire to fight them was still there even though I now realised that they were not real and existed only in the active imagination of the phase state. I fouled.

Hissing and ringing in my head ensued. I got up and started walking in the phase. The surroundings resembled a candy house interior straight out of a fairytale. I rubbed and blew on my hands to intensify the experience. The walls were deeply green and orange and their surfaces bumpy, bubbly and looking delicious. As I pushed my hands through them, their essence melted around them. I ate the sweet goo from my palms and couldn’t get enough of the flavours I came across. I was revelling in mint chocolate and butter cream. Finally, I woke up at 3.30am with a head literally buzzing in exhilaration. I felt that I should write all the details down while they still lived freshly in my memory. I had also been inspired to produce more art about the world of OOBEs and lucid dreams.

I finished my notes for this experience by 4.40am. Despite not feeling tired, I decided to lie next to my sleeping wife and fell asleep. I slept soundly. When I woke up I still remembered the experience and dwelt heavily on the salsa dancing episode. I started to recall that as a kid I wanted to learn salsa dancing - as my mother was into it - and also how a few years ago I tried salsa dancing at a bachelor party and experienced difficulties. It was obvious that my subconscious had been paying attention to all the other great dancers and learned or evolved in that area since. This experience clearly showed me the value of the phase practice in terms of communicating with the subconscious mind unravelling its content.

The Phase = Lucid Dreaming/OOBE
Foul = an undesired exit from the phase

Sorry for referring to lucid dreaming as the phase state of the mind, folks. I come from Michael Raduga's school of Out-of-Body Travel and we tend to use "the phase" umbrella term to describe the lucid state. As you can see from the diagram below, lucid dreaming is a hybrid state that combines REM sleep and consciousness. People refer to this state by many names, some are quite belief-centric, but, in essence, we are all practically entering the same state.

"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

- Padmasambhava

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