First time having an animal's body

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First time having an animal's body

Postby theturtle » 30 Nov 2012 00:46

I had a weird dream one night. There was a way in the dream I could be transformed into a spider and in the dream this was such an attractive idea. I seriously wanted to become a spider and I had the opportunity to do so. My family was in the dream at this point and they were absolutely baffled at why I would want to be a spider.

I chose to become a spider and at this point the dream was focused on my spider body. I could see my limbs and I clearly had four eyes. The dream was almost vivid enough for me to feel my body but not quite.

After only a short time as a spider the dream suddenly changed. The next thing I knew I was a seal and I was in a cold Arctic environment but I didn't know geographically where I was. All I knew is what the environment looked like and it would have had to have been way down south or way up north but there was no way to tell.

As a seal, I got captured by a poacher and I wound up in the zoo. The zookeeper wouldn't feed me unless I performed. I had no choice. If I didn't I would have starved. After being humiliated in the zoo the dream changed again.

Suddenly I was a bird even smaller than a pidgeon. I was like one of the very small birds I see at home in the suburbs. I was with other birds and I was part of a flock. This part of the dream only lasted two seconds and then I woke up.

It was the weirdest dream ever but I loved it. I was only asleep for an hour because I hadn't taken my sedating medications and I was battling insomnia. That was probably why I had such a unique dream.

I was happy when I woke up. I have always wanted to feel what it is like to be different species and it's a fantasy I've never been able to live out. Unfortunately when I tried to daydream and try to get into the fantasy as much as I could I realized I had an autozoophillia and it ruined it. The sexual arousal was annoying because it prevented me from staying in the fantasy.

In the dream that didn't happen. I felt no arousal and I woke up satisfied. I would love to do it in a lucid dream but I'm still working on that. I've had a recent small victory but I still haven't reached a state of full lucidity.

At least I'll have something to look forward to when I get the hang of lucid dreaming.

This has made me especially excited to write in my dream journal because this one dream was so special.

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