Your most common lucid experiences

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Your most common lucid experiences

Postby Jonathan » 27 Apr 2011 07:20

What do you tend to do a lot of in your lucid dreams?

For me, I like to fly a lot. It just never gets boring. In almost all of my lucid dreams, I decide to fly at one point or another. Lately I've had to imagine rockets on my feet in order to fly fast, otherwise I fly very slowly, as if I'm swimming. :?

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Re: Your most common lucid experiences

Postby Donna » 27 Apr 2011 10:56

I love flying too. Yoga is also good fun, especially minus the gravity.

I can get pretty silly in lucid dreams, pushing walls over and pulling light, flimsy dream characters around. I'm trying to learn to behave myself a bit and think about what I want to do rather than just giving in to childish impulse.

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Re: Your most common lucid experiences

Postby Ancient » 27 Apr 2011 23:03

I like to see what I can do. I'll just alter things, use powers that I normally wouldn't have, and so on and so forth. In my next lucid I'm going to find or create some sort of large object/structure, and make it melt.
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Re: Your most common lucid experiences

Postby Nickyg » 28 Apr 2011 23:38

Yup, I'm definitely one for flying around once I get lucid.....though at first it seemed like they were just huge jumps but then I found that if I focused on a point far in the distance I would stay in the air much longer, the way the colours become so clear and vibrant all around the more lucid you get is amazing! Also it's fun to tell people that I'm dreaming and listening to them try and say thats a load of bull! Then i would say well how come I can do this, then I do the David Blaine levitation trick but about 3 foot in the air.... their reactions are pretty funny! :lol:

caine thornley
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Re: Your most common lucid experiences

Postby caine thornley » 07 May 2011 10:21

i find that if you go underwater you cant find the surface again :lol:

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Re: Your most common lucid experiences

Postby livie12 » 08 May 2011 16:34

i like to mess with people in my dreams! there reactions are hilarious!
i enjoy flying and running too! :lol:

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Re: Your most common lucid experiences

Postby Lucidity » 22 May 2011 22:07

Flying is a lot of fun! I love breathing underwater, and fighting things lol

I haven't talked to my subconscious mind though, it doesn't seem to work for me :(

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Re: Your most common lucid experiences

Postby Liliana Tegzes » 14 Jun 2011 07:17

I love flying too, and hovering and jumping from roof to roof and pushing walls over ... :D :D
...and touching things around - to see how it feels different materials as wood, metal, stone...
If I get too preoccupied with flying and jumping and don't have a purpose, something that I intended to do when in a LD, I fall back into a normal dream state :(

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Re: Your most common lucid experiences

Postby magicdog93 » 14 Jun 2011 22:13

i fly all the time in my lucid dreams, in one dream i was flying with my puppy,
i <3 flying! :D
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