Other ways to change the scenery?

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Other ways to change the scenery?

Postby lexiilove » 05 Dec 2012 19:47

So I'm having trouble with scenery. At least on 4 different occasions I've been lucid and had wantedto channge the scene into a forest. The first couple times I just would wake up or the dream would turn into a nightmare or id lose lucidity. The other times, I tried closing my eyes and imagined the scene, but when I opened them, I felt myself waking up in my bed, opening my real eyes instead of just my dream eyes! Sooo frustrating.

So anyoe know of better techniques to use? Besides closing your eyes, or spining around?

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Re: Other ways to change the scenery?

Postby TheDoctor » 05 Dec 2012 20:39

Keep your eyes shut. Don't open them. Rub your hands together. Keep your eyes shut. Grope around for stuff. Eventually the scene will emerge.

Works for me!


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Re: Other ways to change the scenery?

Postby HAGART » 07 Dec 2012 04:40

If you are talking about changing the scene from within a lucid dream I know a good technique which I have only employed on one occasion actually but it worked. I used my hand to summon a portal and it appeared out of the ground like a mirror of water. Much like that thing they walk into from the movie/show Stargate. Anyway, on my first attempt I walked through and just ended up on the other side and still in the same place. The next time in the same dream when I tried again, the 'mirror' i conjured had scenery already in it. It looked kindof like beautiful green hills and I remember seeing a train of some sort. It was like those model train sets but life-size. (I didn't will it to be anything it just appeared as it was. My subconscious must have done that.) Anyway, I jumped through and there was a complete scene change (from a house I was in) to now an amusement park. (not what I saw originally but subconscious is weird like that.) But anyway, changing the scene in a lucid dream for me and I bet others as well, requires going through a portal, a door, window or even just turning a corner in a hallway and having the intent to will it to change. My experience wasn't completely intentional, but it worked and is my most memorable and I felt like writing about it.

Doors are my first 'go-to' when I want to change the scene though. Find something to go through and it will change from there. Not always what you want though.....
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