Calea Z experiment

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Calea Z experiment

Postby danmc » 06 Dec 2012 04:41

I did a little experiment with cz. It took me a few tries to get the dosage right, but 3 tablespoons of the tincture seemed to do the trick. I took it before bed for three nights in a row. First, I didn't have any lucid dreams or get into the vibrational state during that time. The third night didn't result in anything to speak of. The first two nights resulted in having at least three dreams every night that were extremely long, intricate, and complicated plot wise. There wasn't anything "fantastical" about them. I fact I would say they bordered on being excruciatingly mundane. I don't usually have dreams of this nature (not mundane wise, but lengthy, intricate and complicated). In fact, though I feel sure I've had such dreams on an occasion or two, looking through some old journals produced nothing. The dreams were so long and involved, the vast majority of the story was unrecoverable upon awakening, and I was left with just the last part of them . Anyway, interesting and I do chalk it up to the cz given the qualities of the dream. Given that, I will try again at some later time.

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