How close am i to achive the so wanted LD?

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How close am i to achive the so wanted LD?

Postby Lightjuka » 06 Dec 2012 12:35

Hello! I am 13 and i try to LD! 4 nights has passed and still no LD but i know, it takes more time, i just want to know if i am close to that, and how close am i, so lets see what do i have:
A dream journal, usually i have 2 dreams per night, one big and other short, at least i can't remember much from the other one, still didn't found my Dream Signal.
Once i had a weird dream where i asked myself if i was dreaming, well, i was and i shouted "I am dreaming!" But still i couldn't control where i wanted to go, neither what i wanted to do, i just started teleporting, rubbing my hands (I couldn't feel them) and other things, maybe a dream about a lucid dream or a not fully lucid one.
I use the MILD Technique, since it is good for begginers (As far i know).
Once i had 8 dreams straight (Not in the same night) where The Simpsons were there, and on those days i ALWAYS watched the show before sleeping and sometimes i fell asleep while watching, maybe i should try to watch them every night again?

Well that is it! Am i close to it? Maybe yet a bit far? What do i need to improve? I hope i get replies, i will surely be happy when i do
Good bye! Stay Lucid! -Lightjuka-
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Re: How close am i to achive the so wanted LD?

Postby James » 06 Dec 2012 16:40

I can't really comment but don't worry about it! :D

It's mainly about believing so if you ask people if you can do it that doesn't put your faith in yourself. Give it more time, all I can say.
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