WEIRD DREAM: Hand within a hand.

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WEIRD DREAM: Hand within a hand.

Postby HAGART » 13 Dec 2012 21:14

This dream is weird. Even for me. I'll start where it gets really bizarre.

I was home (no house I recognize but just felt 'home') and ran my left hand along a sofa as I walked. Then something pricked my hand and I felt the pain. Apparently it was a pin that was embedded in the sofa. I felt like it had always been there and I was meaning to get rid of it, but never got around to it. I saw blood coming out of my ring finger and there was quite a bit of it to my surprise. I hurried to a bathroom and put some tissue on it to stop the bleeding. I wondered how a simple pin could make me bleed so much. I took the tissue off and examined my wound and was surprised the bleeding had stopped so soon. It was quite deep and more of a gash than a puncture wound. I wondered why and went back to the sofa to see. My mind of course rationalized it and I saw that the part that hurt me was not the point of the pin, but the other end where there is usually a colored, plastic sphere if you know the type. But it was broken and jagged and I assumed that was why the wound was deeper and a longer cut. I looked at my hand again and could see the wound left a deep gash in my finger about the size of a pencil eraser. I wondered how it would heal since now there was no blood to fill the wound. How would it regenerate new tissue?

This is where it gets weird. I looked again and now the wound was much larger and not on my finger but the entire right side of my left palm. I could see knew skin exposed where the torn flesh was. The skin that was intact around it was about a centimeter thick and I was surprised that skin could be that thick! I could see the fine details of palm lines on the newly exposed skin. I felt like the wound would heal by shedding off that old hand and revealing the knew one like a crustacean molting. I assumed the new hand underneath would still be sensitive and soft like a soft shell on a freshly molted crab. I touched it with my right index finger and the sensation is hard to explain. It was like my palm didn't feel the single point where my index finger touched, but the WHOLE palm felt it and tingled. I assumed the knew hand would eventually 'harden' and grow callous and feel normal again.

It was like there was another body within me.

If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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