My First Lucid Dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My First Lucid Dream

Postby aspirtualsoul » 16 Dec 2012 02:53

Hello everyone!! It's nice to join everyone here on the forums! I'd like to share my first Lucid Dream with everyone here!

At first it started out as a regular dream. I was on the third floor
of my home, looking for something. Then when I went upstairs, I
saw my Uncle standing in the hallway. As I got into the livingroom,
there was a Christmas tree up and that's when something told me
that I was actually dreaming. The dining room is right next to the
livingroom so on the table there was a bunch of delicious sweets!
I immediately took a plate of chocolate cake and took a bite...It
was the most amazing piece of cake I have ever had! It tasted very
REAL! It's very amazing what you can do in your subconscious! After
that, I woke up though...

I hope everyone has a great holiday!! Have fun having more lucid reams!

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Re: My First Lucid Dream

Postby Summerlander » 18 Dec 2012 12:02

Yum yum! I love chocolate cake. Food in lucid dreams tastes better than in waking life especially when we expect it to be the best.

My first lucid dreams were short-lived too. Nowadays I am more experienced and can usually prolong them.

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"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

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