My explanation for scary sleep paralysis

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My explanation for scary sleep paralysis

Postby HAGART » 16 Dec 2012 23:25

First I will tell you a story of my lucid dream last night, and then explain what I think:

The first thing I remembered was feeling that familiar 'grip' take over me. I thought about what I was doing just a moment earlier ( there was a lapse of consciousness ), and I remember hearing voices and I heard Conan O'brien (I watch his show a lot) and he said, On with the show or Time to start the show! Something like like. I am familiar with this feeling and I just let it go and take over me. I felt the bed sheets tighten around me and it started to constrict my neck. I could still breath, but the feeling was unnerving. I then felt a 'hand' on my back and push down hard. I was sleeping on my belly. It wasn't comfortable and pressed so hard I felt like my back was starting to bend the wrong way. I use to feel a sinister presence in the room too before, but now I reassure myself that there is nobody else doing this to me and it is all in my head. I waited calmly for a dream to start, but it just wouldn't. I felt a finger poking my on my back rapidly now and it was relentless. Finally, I just gave up and decided to confront the 'thing' that was doing this.

I opened my dream eyes and looked. The room was dark, but I reached out to where the thing was poking me from. It felt like a finger. I couldn't see it, but it felt like a finger as real as touching one in real life. My tactile sensations were in full swing although the visuals were dim. I was upset with it so I grabbed it and bent it back on itself until it snapped. I almost felt sorry for it and didn't mean to cause it pain. But it still continued to poke me, now near my stomach because I had just sat up to face it. I then grabbed it by the wrist, still no visuals of it, but feels so real. As I held it, it continued to move and do a poking action. It felt like holding on to a flopping fish. Then I decided, that's enough, I'm leaving!

I left the 'room' and went to the front door of my house and exited. That always helps solidify a lucid dream or OBE like this. Although not physically distant from the source, I was mentally distant. Now I was outside, the sun was shining and I was free from that creepy experience. I was still holding the hand and now it had taken a visual form and actually looked like a hand. I didn't like holding it though so I tossed it. My dogs were outside and were very excited to see me and one of them snatched the hand and chewed it as if it were a dog treat which is actually quite funny now that I recall it.

Now I was free from that creepy experience and had a lucid dream from there.

My explanation: When I first felt the feeling 'grip' over me and I was awaiting sleep to take place and a dream to happen, I WAS ALREADY ASLEEP! All the other weird, creepy stuff was my dream. (My thoughts that become 'real') But instead of going to another place, I was in bed because that's where I knew I was and that's what I expected. I was thinking too much about where I was physically. I'm still not sure where these strange sensations truly originate, but if you feel something odd (and it put me in a fearful mood), your mind rationalizes a cause so fast you are not even aware of it. (Ex: I feel a poking sensation. Who is poking me? A person? People have fingers so it must be a finger! ) That happened in a nanosecond and from then on since I had already rationally established that it must be a finger, the other hallucinations fit my model of what I thought was real at that moment.

I've had many experiences before where I would think there was an actual evil entity doing it and when I confronted it, of course it would be what I expected and once it feels real it is hard to dismiss. This time I didn't attribute a person to the hand so it was just a disembodied hand with no presence or 'soul' if you will.

Normally I try to think happy thoughts when this happens, but I think it was the feeling of the bed sheets constricting my neck that unnerved me and since I was scared with an active imagination in a dream state thinking of my physical body being in bed.... the rest just happens from there.

So basically whenever I or others get scary sleep paralysis, it is because we were too aware of our physical bodies and dreamed that we were in bed, and if anything odd happens and scares you, (and there are plenty of odd things to scare us if not well acquainted with them), then it starts from there and once that dream scenario is established it is hard to dismiss without leaving the 'room' or 'origin of the 'body' to change the scene.
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Re: My explanation for scary sleep paralysis

Postby AW2B » 15 Jul 2015 08:33

I really enjoyed while reading your dream,,,,how bed sheet start tightened and it seems bit scared....I think normally people saw this when they are afraid of something but the bed sheet shrink and become tight near neck, its strange!

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Re: My explanation for scary sleep paralysis

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Aug 2015 04:46

I was still holding the hand and now it had taken a visual form and actually looked like a hand. I didn't like holding it though so I tossed it. My dogs were outside and were very excited to see me and one of them snatched the hand and chewed it

:lol: . Thanks for sharing your experience, it's great reading and interesting and I just loved the hand and dog part. I think I would done the same thing and thrown it away.

I think its quite easy to have fallen asleep but not realising it as we have entered like a WILD with no clear line between the wake state and the sleep state (I often don't have like a starting point) and yeah if one isn't thinking of another place, the dream can easily start from where you are right when you were trying to go to sleep.

I think your post is great as it shows people should try not to be unsettled by what they are feeling in HI. Sheet around my neck tends to unsettle me too, when I try to do a WILD I always make sure the sheet is away from my neck.
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